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” 10 Captivating Images: Parents Before and After Having Children”

Some things can change you forever. But out of all the first experiences like love and graduation, nothing has as much impact as becoming a parent.

“Babies Transform Everything – Your Life Will Never be the Same.”

In reality, having a baby changes everything about how you see yourself and your partner, and how you spend your time and money. No amount of preparation can fully get you ready for this incredible journey.

It changes how you think, feel, plan, and do things in your everyday life, and that often turns out to be a good thing.

Mike Julianelle, the person behind the blog Dad and Buried, started a funny trend. He encouraged people to share photos of themselves before and after becoming parents, to show how their kids “transformed” them.

Mike has two kids himself. He’s been sharing the funny truth about being a parent on his blog for a while. But it was after he shared his version of “When Parenthood” that his blog really took off.

According to Mike, the blog’s goal is to provide humor and a sense of togetherness for parents who are facing the challenges of raising children. Take a look at the funny pictures and upvote your favorites!

More info: DadAndBuried.com | Instagram | Facebook

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