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10 celebs who wore no makeup on the red carpet and still looked amazing

A growing fad among celebrities is to go on the red carpet with little or no makeup on, or perhaps without any makeup at all! While this may seem like a daunting task, we’re all accustomed to watching our favorite celebs with flawless make-up on screen. Defying society’s expectations and posing for the cameras in a natural way requires a lot of courage.

When it comes to these women, we can’t get enough of them.

#1 Alicia Keys

As an advocate of the “no makeup” trend, Alicia is frequently spotted without makeup at events and on magazine covers She hopes that this would create a revolution as she doesn’t won’t to cover up herself anymore.

#2 Jennifer Garner

As a show of support for Alicia Keys, the actress decided to attend the Telluride Film Festival without makeup and in sports jeans and a coat.

#3 Amanda Seyfried

Amanda claims she doesn’t like bright makeup and that she doesn’t wear it in regular routine.

#4 Tilda Swinton

We rarely witness Tilda Swinton wearing vibrant makeup. This, according to her, alters your appearance and makes you look like someone else.

#5 Gisele Bundchen

In general, this supermodel doesn’t wear much makeup, and when she does, it’s hardly visible.

#6 Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence wore almost no makeup to the premiere of The Great Gatsby. This sparked numerous debates, but no one could disagree that the actress still looked lovely and natural.

#7 Heidi Klum

The famous model dislikes spending a lot of time on her cosmetics. ‘On my off days, I don’t wear makeup.’ I’m simple. I don’t have a lot of creams or anything. ‘I keep it basic,’ Heidi explains.

#8 Natalia Vodianova

In real life, you rarely see this supermodel wearing makeup. Natalia looks stunning on the red carpet, even with minimal makeup.

#9 Naomi Watts

Naomi also prefers walking the red carpet without makeup.

#10 Kate Winslet

You should accept yourself the way you really are and love yourself just the way you are,’ stated Kate Winslet.

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