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10 Heartfelt Pictures Depicting Time’s Changes, but Unchanging Love

Often, we think about the past through memories. Nostalgia is that feeling we get when we look at our old photo albums. It can make us laugh and sometimes even bring tears to our eyes.

Even after a really long time, like years or even decades, we can see that our love doesn’t change. Science explains this: when we feel something, our body reacts with messages that move inside us. This feeling starts a process that gets recorded in our DNA. The pictures below are from families who want to relive moments from the past. They chose to recreate those moments, and you’ll see their photos here.

#1 Kids will always stay small…

© TotallyTrustworthyInternetPerson/Imgur

#2 A dad and his son taking a picture together after 60 years.

© Magicmoonlight007/Reddit

#3 Playing games will always be fun, even when we’re older than 33 years.

© BigCarl/Reddit

#4 Look, there’s just a 10-year difference here.

© Gordondel/Reddit

#5 The connection between a dad and his daughter stays forever.

© dawsonalliah/Twitter

#6 Love between siblings

© TotallyTrustworthyInternetPerson/Imgur

#7 A joyful birthday celebration.

© Aaronisarun/Reddit

#8 Friends are always important to have on our trips.

© RUSIRIUS7 / Reddit

#9 A father’s love is beyond comparison.

© dawsonalliah/Twitter

#10 Special moments perfectly remade

Love is the most wonderful and noble emotion. It has the power to make the world a better place. Love doesn’t weaken over time, but instead, it can become even stronger. It doesn’t care about distances or boundaries, and it never disappears.

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