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“10 Hilarious Notes Parents Left for Kids: A Heartwarming Compilation”

You’ve experienced the happy and tough parts of being a parent. Sometimes your kids are really well-behaved, but other times they act like troublemakers. Getting angry and yelling won’t help fix things. So, sometimes a funny note to correct or guide them might be a better idea.

This collection has funny messages from moms giving out the day’s WiFi password, letters that dads wrote that are funny, and really great parenting memes. We made a list of super funny notes that parents left for their kids. We think this is how good parenting looks! These notes will definitely make you smile or, at least, make your day more enjoyable!

# 1 I hope you’re okay with this.


# 2 My friend’s mom likes to leave notes on the fridge. Here’s what she wrote back.


# 3 The WiFi Password for Today


# 4 My daughter thought she was too grown-up for lunch notes. Here’s what I said in response, and I think I won.


# 5 A Sweet Message from My Mom


# 6 Dad Writes a Note to Scare His Troubled Teens


#7 Dad’s Note to My Brothers About the Plugs in the House


# 8 This Is the Note Mom Left in the Car for Me


# 9 I’m glad you’re making an effort to help.


#10 It actually worked!


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