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10 Hilarious Photo Filter Experiments: When Filters Took a Funny Twist

People used to say that paper could hold anything, and now they’re saying that social media pages can hold anything. This is because billions of users keep sharing stuff like pictures, videos, and writings on these pages. Some people are very honest and share everything they do.

But most others are willing to dive into the world of lies and Photoshop to make themselves look really good. Thankfully, many still follow some rules, but there are also people who have completely left reality behind. If you don’t trust us, just check out this collection where we put together some really strange and silly edited photos.

#1 Are you being serious?

# 2 Look at how different it is with all these filters.

# 3 That dent looks like it will cost a lot of money to fix.

#4 In the picture / In the video

# 5 You were so amazed by Photoshop that you didn’t see that the place where the glass meets is not there.

# 6 Are those lips real or natural?

# 7 What type of animal is this?

# 8 If her official pictures look like this, I wouldn’t be able to recognize her.

# 9 This guy looks similar to Ken.

# 10 You can figure it out because of the shadow.

I’m sure you know someone who uses Photoshop or other photo tools a lot. Share this collection with them so they understand they don’t have to overuse it, and it might make them happy.

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