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10 Unforgettable Sculptures: The Ones You Might Want to Look Away From

Sculptures are like decorations all around the world, just like confetti at a party. You can find them in places like school campuses, city centers, or local parks. They come in many shapes and sizes, from really tiny to really big, and from really amazing to kind of creepy. But not all sculptures are great or worth the effort put into making them. Some of them are just plain bad and might even make you feel sick when you see them.

A new trend on the r/funny subreddit is about people posting pictures of really bad sculptures they’ve come across. After looking at this group, we’ve chosen the 20 worst sculptures (called “sh*tty sculptures” by people on Reddit) for you to see. These are definitely the champions of terrible sculptures. Keep scrolling to see these awful creations. We promise they’ll either make you think hard or give you a shivery feeling of being scared.

#1 Go on a journey around Colorado to check out this not-so-good art installation at a local college.

Source: Dinco_laVache

#2 Look at this really bad statue of a not-so-nice person.

Source: asanders9733

#3 Does this statue at the university look like it’s about to go to the bathroom? You can decide!

Source: BellaFace

#4 Are you ready to see a sculpture of a man doing the biggest poop in the world?

Source: Paronomasiaster

#5 Can someone please explain what this statue they want to put in my city is supposed to be?

Source: dedelec

#6 Everyone is invited to come and see more weird art…

Source: elosoyonki

#7 Take a look at the “Winner” for the ugliest sculpture on my college campus.

Source: biblebeltbuddhist

#8 Come visit the Czech Republic to see a statue of a rabbit!

Source: Ragnheidr_

#9 Get ready to cover your nose for this not-so-good sculpture in a park near where I live.

Source: Reinventing_Wheels

#10 This “Bunny” statue in my hometown is more than 4 meters tall – that’s a really big bunny!

Source: Existing_Shock3155

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