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11 pictures to say that pregnancy is beautiful

It’s not uncommon for pregnant women to experience contradictory emotions. You may be thrilled to have a new life growing inside you, but your stretch marks, swollen abdomen, and disappearing waistline may annoy you. There’s a term for this: the “pregnancy blues”. 

You may relax knowing that in the second trimester, dealing with your growing physique will be easier. This is because you will undoubtedly be pregnant! Many new mothers find the first several months the most challenging, especially if you simply appear to have gained weight.

It’s normal to miss your pre-pregnancy body during the pregnancy phase due to the stress and the emotional conflicts you go through. However, there are a slew of pregnant beauty benefits available to you that will make you feel and look beautiful during your pregnancy.

What pleasant surprises does pregnancy await you?

  • Fingernails that grow quickly: Around the fourth month, your nails may begin to grow faster. Pregnancy hormones are both credited and blamed for this. Fingernails may also grow weaker or more brittle, and tiny grooves may appear near the base of your nails. They should return to normalcy within a few months of giving birth.
  • A gorgeous head of hair: You may notice that your hair appears healthier and thicker throughout the second trimester. You’re not technically growing any more, but thanks to pregnant hormones, you’re losing less weight.
  • That much-touted “glow”: you may notice that your skin appears brighter during the second trimester as well. Hormones play a role, but an increase in blood volume also transports more blood to the skin, giving it a radiant appearance.
  • Bigger boobs: It’s normal to gain a cup size or two during pregnancy, so you might have a new cleavage to show off!
  • A very happy mate: believe it or not, your partner may be captivated with your new body. Men are drawn to sensuality in blossoming breasts and gentle curves. The sight of your pregnant shape reminds him of his virility as well!

Have a look at the beautiful images below and see for yourself how every mama looks beautiful during pregnancy as well as postpartum! 


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