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15 Hilarious Examples of People With No Taste Who Perfectly Executed Their Ideas

In the 1992 film ‘Jurassic Park,’ Jeff Goldblum’s character makes a caustic remark about the park’s owner for failing to contemplate the repercussions of what they’ve built. “Your scientists were so concerned with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to consider whether or not they should,” he argues.

It’s a beautiful statement that also foreshadows the impending calamity. Nothing, however, can prepare you for what you’re about to see here, and apparently, the creators of these stuff didn’t either. We can’t criticise them for their artistry or expertise, only for their lack of aesthetic judgment.

There are currently 1.5M people who are members of the subreddit, so it’s apparent that people appreciate the designs. Some of the items are difficult to ignore, and not because they are visually appealing. It feels as if in the middle of a car collision, which is both terrifying and fascinating.

The jumble of ideas and lack of taste leaves us wondering what was going through the thoughts of the creators as they brought their concepts to life from beginning to end. But the source of their inspiration will remain a mystery to us forever. The only thing that’s definite is that they’ll be able to pull it off.

Based on the subreddit of the same name, it is best summed up as ‘Awful Taste But Great Execution’ (ATBGE). And we have compiled a collection of the most outlandish but technically flawless items from it for all to see. When you’re ready, go ahead and read parts one, two, and three.

#1 The hearse which makes you startled


#2 Seems like a Dead costume walking


#3 Bath tub chairs?


#4 This is at Orange County Museum of Art


#5 Is that that a stool or?


#6 Barbossa beard


#7 Paint job is excellent, the color scheme is a shame


#8 This is a photo of the family. Absolutely The Kid Will Post It R/Blunderyears In A Few Years.


#9 Gary Oldman’s Dracula Was Based On A Rat Taxidermied Like This.

Alexandra Rose Taxidermy

#!0 The Salarmy Of The Dead


#11 Candles based on a spine


#12 Jandles


#13 Excellent Dad Trick Featuring a Monster Truck


#14 How would you name This Hairstyle? Because I’m speechless Rn


#!5 Tartlets with Human Anatomy on Them


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