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16 Unusual outfits That raise many doubts

There will be bad days or failed experiments for designers. As a result, some of them create their “masterpieces” on purpose in order to stand out from their peers.

We have compiled a list of the funniest designer blunders of all time. It turns out that this isn’t limited to clothing, as the article’s conclusion proves.

#16 Ain’t quite sure about the designer’s thoughts though

AnnieStevenson4 / twitter

#15 A pushup bra of course!

derptato / imgur

#14 Look what the shirt looks like when worn around her waist

nigger13 / imgur

#13 Seems like transparent leggings after all


#12 Fishy shoes

TrentWatts / reddit

#11 Designer must have fell in love with rug patterns

victoriousship / reddit

#10 Seems like a cute hat once you see it

buffywho / imgur

#9 Ripped jeans gone overboard

VladikaZhabyat / pikabu

#8 How many questions did come to your mind, seeing this?

ElhnsBeluj / reddit

#7 Toe comfies


#6 How could one not see this?

fine_drizzle / reddit

#5 Strange cuffs

Ooooooh / pikabu

#4 A shirt with a fan and its normal!

proteles / pikabu

#3 Claw like gloves

Lavando / pikabu

#2 Ever came to a conclusion on what this is?

Esmys / pikabu

#1 Strangely bizarre eyes


Bonus: Clothing designs are the only things that go wrong!

stayfullish / imgur

source : brightside


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