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17 people who dreamt of getting the perfect hair makeover but this is what they actually got

It’s been studied extensively how age and life satisfaction influence our hairstyle choices. The more we accept ourselves and love ourselves, the better our hairstyles will fit us in the long run. A hairstylist’s level of professionalism sometimes isn’t worth the price we pay to get the desired look as the following images show us how they turned out to be in reality.

This is a proof of highlighting the importance of choosing the right hairdresser at any cost.

#1 All what I desired was to have bangs like Dakota Johnson” Though I showed her several photos of the look I desired, this is what I actually got. Its been a year already but imagine the months I’ve had to spend with this haircut on

© Fifty Shades of Grey / Universal Studios© bobolatebipboopie / reddit

#2 The waves you desired Vs the ones you actually got

© Yugen9x / reddit

#3 The top two photos are sample pictures and the bottom right is what I actually got. The bottom left is when I visited a new saloon after a few months.

© DuOroEldrvarya / reddit

#4 My sister who got a 10$ haircut today

© ana_gdbaby / reddit

#5 Seems like the girl actually wanted perfect bangs like in the lower photo but the top photo is the actual result she got

© majesticedge / reddit

#6 The picture on the right leaves me with many questions

© snr1293 / reddit

#7 I spent more than $200 and she didn’t even notice anything was wrong.” A few weeks later, I returned for a fix and it looked exactly the same

© _madlibs_ / reddit

#8 My wife wanted the look on the left but what she actually got was the one on the right, they tried to fix it and she even got a refund, but she chose a different place

© waggie21 / reddit

#9 Since I didn’t want to mess it up, I thought of seeking a professional’s help

© unknown / imgur

#10 The haircut I desired Vs what I got made me cry in the car later

© vekeso / reddit

#11 Doesn’t the output seem lighter than what she actually wanted?

© Nariadnaia / reddit

#12 Left is what I wished for but right was the output

© HumongousFungus123 / reddit

#13 When things did not work out well with the desired pink ombre

© spamwriter / reddit

#14 My daughter asked for a homecoming hairstyle and this is what she actually got

© jmckny76 / reddit

#15 Caramel Balayage that ended like a tiger

© Kayla-Charizard / reddit

#16 The hair color that costed $165 ended up like this

© Theheadandthefart / reddit

#17 ‘I let my friend practice on my hair because she wants to go to school to be a hairdresser.’ “I never thought I would love my hair as much as I do now back then”

© KillTh3King / reddit

Preview photo credit Fifty Shades of Grey / Universal Studiosbobolatebipboopie / reddit | Bright side


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