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18 tattoo artists share how they’ve covered up tattoo regrets with something creative.

There’s always a way to screw up a tattoo. Fortunately, even if it doesn’t work out, you don’t have to live with the disappointment for the rest of your life. It is possible to save your image in a number of ways. Now let’s talk about cover-ups.

Some of the old design features can be completely hidden, while others are incorporated, and it’s astonishing how much difference they can make.

Continue reading to see some of the cover-ups we uncovered on the subreddit r/FixedTattoos, as well as our interview with Alice Kendall, the owner of Wonderland Tattoo in Portland, Oregon, regarding this process.

#1 It’s a tiny Pikachu


#2 A WOW cover up


Kendall is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, but has ties to Oregon through her mother’s family. Even though she’s been tattooing for almost a decade, she only began working professionally at Infinity Tattoo in 2001 in Portland.

In an interview with Bored Panda, the artist said, “I started doing cover-ups quite early in my career.” “I’ve always felt that a cover-up doesn’t have to be really dark or all black in order for it to work. If people are flexible with the design and realistic about the outcome, I feel practically every tattoo can be covered up.”

While it’s possible to apply a fresh tattoo over an old one, it’s not as straightforward as that. What you’ll find is that it’s a bit different from what the word might imply.

#3 Absolutely an amazing fix


#4 Flowers do the covering part


At least one millimeter below skin’s surface, when someone receives their first tattoo, the needle transfers the tattoo ink into dermis (below the epidermis). To complicate things even more, the new tattoo’s ink is mixed with the previous tattoo’s ink. That’s what happens when you mix the two together!

In the case of red tattoos that are covered with blue ink, the result will be purple. In cover-up work, black is frequently the recommended color because darker colors dominate lighter ones.

When you hear the word “complicated,” you’re right. As a result, many tattoo artists avoid doing cover-ups.

#5 A well-done rework given the before and after


#6 A good fix! It is impossible to deny.


#7 Ali Burke’s White Rabbit Rework is stunning.


‘Because I tend to do full-color covers, the previous tattoo occasionally bleeds back in a little bit throughout the healing process,’ Alice Kendall noted. “In most cases, I conduct at least one touch-up after the initial concealment has fully healed and faded. Designs that fit over an existing tattoo and leave some negative space are most successful.”

“In addition, I prefer to utilize botanicals with a lot of leaves since it allows you a lot of freedom in terms of shape. Even though white is a relatively opaque color that can help fade away old tattoos, darker, colder colors cover better than warmer, lighter colors.

#8 Wow! This seem to resemble a whole new thing


#9 The cross is fixed in a new way


#10 Let’s say it’s a whole new transformation


It seems, looking back at Kendall’s long career, it’s important to break up the old tattoo with adequate detail, such as black lines, as well as dark and light places.

Skin color is also plays a major role, she said. “Some people are so attached to color (and black) that it’s difficult to get rid of the old tattoo. One or more touch-ups may be required in this instance. A faded tattoo is easier to conceal, but it’s less expensive and less painful to cover a tattoo than it is to remove it with lasers.”

#11 Who is Mary, and why? The One and Only Marge


#12 An alien who became a cat


#13 Beautifully done


#14 Rodney Eckenberger is a master of cover-up.


#15 Seems like a whole new back piece


#16 Have you seen this bad guy on a man’s leg? In my opinion, it’s a great “funny” tattoo!


#17 The after seems more detailed


#18 From now on, Compass will take me everywhere.




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