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5 Inspiring Places You’re Not Allowed to Visit

It’s a shame that so many of us will never have the chance to visit some of the world’s most fascinating places. They all have their own reasons for being so hard to reach. Tourists and adventurers will always be drawn to such places, but they are nearly impossible to reach.

To find out what’s hidden in these locations, we decided uncover the truth.

#1 Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center, Virginia


Only the high ranking officials have access to this site. For the United States government, Mount Weather is a secret hideout. The FEMA Operations Center, which is tucked away beneath the mountain, is capable of running the country in an emergency situation or a disaster. In addition, a separate branch of security and emergency services is in charge of the center’s above-ground structures. Outsiders are strictly prohibited from entering the center, which is governed by its own set of laws.

#2 Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway 


This site enables the facility for storage during catastrophes and emergency situations. Spitsbergen in Norway has a 120-meter-deep tunnel where a constant temperature of -18°C is maintained. Using an automated system, the microclimate is maintained at a low level of humidity. Here, humanity’s last hope of reviving the natural world if a cataclysmic event occurs is preserved. It is for this reason that no one can be permitted to enter the containers of seeds, for fear of destroying mankind’s chances of continuing to exist.

#3 Vale Do Javari Reservation in Brazil


Amazonian tribes have lived in the jungles for centuries. There are still places that haven’t been touched by the outside world, as evidenced by aerial photographs. Vale do Javari Reservation is home to 14 indigenous tribes who lead a lifestyle completely based on agriculture, with little knowledge of the outside world. As a result of the researchers’ discovery of eight additional villages, they estimate that there may be as many as 2,000 indigenous peoples living there. Authorities restricted people from accessing an area of the Amazon rainforest equal to approximately 77,000 square kilometers for their safety and the preservation of their way of life.

#4 Club 33, New Orleans


This can be considered as a secret society that is closed to the outside world. Walt Disney founded this club in 1967. This was a place where popular investors, public figures, and politicians gathered together. Neither you nor the passersby will ever be invited to “Club 33,” and uncover the truth about what goes on inside. But based on rumors, it’s not actually the number of members which is the reason. If you wait 14 years and pay a starting sum of $10,450 (for individuals) or $27,500 (for companies), then of course you can pay a visit to the club one day. Furthermore, individual and corporate members of the club must pay $3,275 or $6,100 annually to maintain their membership.

#5 The Magnetic Island of Es Vedra


 Es Vedrà is a rocky island, one of the Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain, and it is reported to contain the third most powerful degree of geomagnetic force on Earth. Bermuda Triangle and the North Pole are considered as the first and the second. Despite this, the island has no metal deposits because it is entirely composed of volcanic rock. Here, technology fails, and you can’t rely on your compass to take you in the right path – the arrow will swing chaotically in numerous directions. The enigmatic Es Vedrà is steeped in folklore and horrific stories. The island has been declared a natural reserve by the Spanish government, and no one is allowed to visit it. According to some, local Spaniards periodically organize unauthorized trips to the island. All you can do legally is look at the island’s shore from the water.

Source: wikipedia | Bright Side


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