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6 reasons that prevent you from being pregnant

Childbirth and breastfeeding, birth control pills, and smoking are all well-known variables that lessen the likelihood of having a child. Even in the absence of all these factors, it is still impossible for some to get pregnant. 

But there’s more to it than that, as below.

#1 Over consuming trans-fat


Trans fats, which can be found in baked products, pizzas, chips, and fried foods, can have a bad impact on fertility, preventing ovulation. The risk of an ovulatory dysfunction increases by up to 73% when these foods are consumed instead of healthy carbohydrates Consume bananas, rye crispbread with whole grain and nuts or yogurt with fruit instead of these trans-fat carbohydrates.

#2 Engaging in too much of physical exercise


It is true that exercise can help boost your fertility to a certain level, but it is crucial to acquire the correct quantity of exercise As a result of overdoing it, your energy balance can be disrupted Long and intensive daily exercise has been proven to damage your capacity to pregnancy. Maintaining your health and well-being requires moderation.

#3 Low BMI


Infertility, ovarian dysfunction, and premature birth are all associated with a lower-than-normal body mass index (BMI). As well as having a lower BMI, eating disorders can have significant effects on menstruation and fertility. To keep track of your nutrition, you can download applications that track your calories, weight, and other health-related indicators.

#4 Partner’s stress level

Life pressures such as work, family, and social life have a substantial impact on a man’s fertility, according to research A person’s inability to deal with these issues has the most negative impact

#5 Usage of wrong lubricants


Choose the right type of lubricant for you to increase your chances of getting pregnant. The good news is that there are lubricants that may help male fertility. Some have the proper pH level (7.2-8.0). Others include magnesium ions and calcium, which mimic the body’s natural fluids. Baby oil has also been shown to be effective.

#6 Miscalculation of fertility window


It can be difficult to make accurate predictions at times, especially if your cycle is erratic. However, technology can assist you. There are apps that make reliable cycle predictions, such as Flo Period Tracker (free for iOS and Android). Furthermore, if you become pregnant, you can keep the app by switching to pregnancy mode and receiving baby growth information and personalized health insights.

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