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8 things to refrain from, when at the gym

Every time you go to the gym, you’re bound to run into people who don’t respect gym etiquette and make you want to stay at home. We have compiled a list of eight rules you should adhere to in order to make the gym experience more enjoyable for both you and your fellow gym-goers alike.

#8 Equipment should not be left wet with sweat

As long as you’re utilizing a workout towel and wiping your sweat off the equipment afterward, there’s nothing wrong with sweating while working out. Remember that most of the machines are wrapped in leather, and your perspiration won’t disappear unless you wipe it off.

#7 Do not occupy equipment unless it is being used.

There are people who are just hanging out on the equipment and not doing anything productive. In the meantime, others are waiting to get on the machine. But, the people who occupy those are busy texting on their phones, checking e-mails, taking selfies, or even napping. A gym is a place to work out, and that’s why you’re there. Remember that!

#6 Loud conversations and music

Many gym-goers are annoyed by those who talk on their phones for long periods of time while exercising.

Those who like to blast their music so loudly that others can hear it even through their own headphones are another type of irritant.

#5 Everyone has the right to access to machines.

How many of you remember being taught in kindergarten to share the blocks amongst all the children? If you want to be successful in the gym, you need to act like this. Do not limit yourself to a single piece of equipment. If there are other people waiting to use the treadmill, don’t spend two hours on it!

#4 Do not leave weights all around

In childhood, you should have learned not to leave your toys lying around. Same goes for the gym: always put your weights back in their proper place. The gym floor can become dangerous if they are left on.

#3 Staring at gym users

60 minutes on a machine is rude, but so is standing in front of someone who is working out with your arms crossed and giving them a “rush to finish up” look.

#2 Being punctual as much as possible

Make sure that you arrive on time to class. A group fitness class or one-on-one training is equally disturbed if punctuality is ignored. As a result, the instructor and other students may be distracted. If you arrive late, at the very least, make sure you don’t disrupt the class.

#1 The gym’s locker room isn’t your private restroom or bathroom

Some people roam around the room naked, making others uncomfortable, while others shave in the shower for hours, leaving everything covered in foam and hair. We’ve all been there.

No matter how comfortable you are with being naked, keep in mind that there are people who feel uncomfortable being around someone who is naked or taking their clothes off in public. Respect other people, their time, and their privacy, and you will be treated well. Make sure you clean up after yourself in the gym locker room because it’s not your personal bathroom.

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