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9 skin care products that aren’t effective at all

Advertisements can be deceptive at times. In our quest for beauty, we purchase a plethora of ineffective creams, masks, and serums that promise a plethora of desirable results.

We considered all of this marketing nonsense and compiled a list of cosmetic products you don’t really need for you.

#1 Remedies for split ends

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There is no cosmetic remedy that can solve the problem of split hair, no matter how badly we want it. Serums and balms only have a temporary effect, gluing the split ends together for a short time. A haircut is the only thing that works.

#2 Lotions and creams on hands and body

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According to another marketing myth, different parts of the body need different creams and lotions. Of course, your face requires special attention but it’s possible to use the same cream or lotion on your entire body. Therefore, two creams are not needed for hands and body but the same cream is applicable. 

#3 Shampoo as a remedy for dandruff

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Whenever your sebaceous glands malfunction, a fungus known as dandruff takes hold. Normal shampoos won’t be able to help you get rid of this issue. Apart from that, it dries out the head. A special medical shampoo is required, which can be purchased at a pharmacy.

#4 Face toner

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This is one of those things we consider necessary because of the skin care products we’re using incorrectly. More effective than toner is using a cleansing soap. It is alcohol-free, non-drying, and pH-neutral.

#5 Lip balm

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Lip balm is the only way to moisturize your lips, according to the majority of manufacturers. In this case, however, “perfect is the enemy of good.” But most contain alcohol, which dries out the skin. Cosmetic Vaseline or beeswax with a drop of olive or coconut oil is an affordable and more useful alternative.

#6 Shaving cream

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Because it softened the hair follicles and helped the razor blade glide smoothly over the skin, shaving cream was a necessity before shower gel was introduced. Due to the fact that shower gels contain more moisturizing ingredients than shaving cream, the choice is clear.

#7 Cellulite cream

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Many people still believe that there’s a magic wand that can make us perfect in a flash of time. Efficacy of cellulite cream is one of the myths we’d like to bust. A healthy diet and a physically active lifestyle are the only ways to combat cellulite on the buttocks. Use scrubs and massages to stimulate blood circulation. However, it is only able to temporarily soften the skin and provide a cosmetic effect.

#8 Cuticle oil

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When it comes to getting a good manicure, using a few drops of special oil seems to be the way to go. However, once it’s absorbed, the effect vanishes and is of no use. Try cosmetic Vaseline or basic natural oils if you really want to help your nails out.

#9 Tissue masks

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To say that tissue masks are completely ineffective would be a misinterpretation They can really improve the appearance of your skin for a special event. However, you don’t actually need them since a simple cream can also give you the same effect.


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