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A Brave Service Dog Saved Its Owner’s Life & Stayed Next To Her Until She Recovered

Dogs are very much loyal to humans, especially to their owners. Countless incidents can be shown as examples to show how dogs show their love to the one who cares about them. The limits the dogs would go for their loved ones are boundless.

Also, you can train dogs to perform various tasks such as guiding, victim rescue, tracking criminals, and service dog work. They are also heroes for saving the lives of their owners. This heartwarming story is about an image of Ruby, a service dog, caring for her sick mother while sleeping side by side in a hospital room that recently became popular on the Internet.

Shauna needed a friend, and Ruby was there for her.


When Shauna chose to get Ruby as a service dog in 2015 to aid her in the struggle against her anxiety, depression, and agoraphobia, their relationship took off. When they first met, they immediately fell in love. Ruby began monitoring Shauna’s cardiac troubles when she discovered she had several health conditions, including a rare heart ailment termed vascular Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

The friendship between Ruby and Shauna

For many years, Ruby has been traveling with her owner, Shauna. They had a special bond. One similarity exists between a mother and a child. They were there for each other all the time. Even when Shauna is unaware she needs her, Ruby is always there.

Ruby helps Shauna to manage her blood pressure, pulse rate, and panic episodes with the dog’s assistance. Shauna said that while Ruby was training to be a service dog, she had noticed that Ruby started picking up on changes in her heart rate and would act funny for example, paw at her, try to get her attention, get on top of her, etc. Ruby is the buddy we all want to have with us.


Suddenly Shauna fell ill.


Ruby began to notice something was amiss with her mother’s health for a week. As with every loyal dog, Ruby has warned Shauna about it ever since. Shauna was baffled by the explanation. Despite feeling well, she continued to put her trust in Ruby. She called an ambulance. Ultimately, it turns out the dog’s senses were right, and Shauna was ill. Shauna said that it turned out her heart was going into atrial fibrillation. And she was in pain and barely conscious when the paramedics came.

The dog saved a human life once again!

Shauna quickly realized that Ruby had just saved her life. She was taken immediately to the emergency room after arriving at the hospital, where staff members sought to stabilize her condition. Ruby stayed by her side even after she fell asleep. People frequently spotted the devoted dog lying in Shauna’s hospital bed, pressing against her hoping that her owner would feel safe and recognize her presence.


Those who learned about this news decided to stop and see Shauna and Ruby. Ruby has earned our undying love for her deeds. Shauna’s life would be significantly different now if she hadn’t helped. Monitoring Shauna’s blood pressure and heart rate was a part of Ruby’s duties. The devoted dog has always stayed by her owner’s side.


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