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A man shares his home with a Grizzly bear.

Love for animals had grown more and more recently and humans had always been kind to animals. (there are exceptions too though). But as a whole, having a pet at home is a common thing today and we see how, many people who live alone by themselves mostly have pets as their only companion. Bow how would you feel if your pet or the companion is a Grizzly bear and if you are actually living together with him and it even replaces cats and dogs? Let’s have a look!

Brutus, an 800-pound grizzly bear, is Casey Anderson’s best friend, believe it or not. The famous naturalist and his animal pal have been inseparable since Brutus was a two-week-old cub. Casey rescued the bear from an overcrowded animal park and reared him with a lot of care, love, and respect.

Brutus the bear lives in a sanctuary that Casey made for him so that he can live freely as a grizzly bear should. Being around Brutus is not risky because he is at ease around people, but Casey is still refusing to allow anybody else to have direct contact with Brutus besides himself. He is not terrified of the bear attacking him because he understands and anticipates his every move.

They are so close that Brutus posed as Casey’s best man during his wedding.

Brutus’ favorite activities include sleeping, playing with other grizzly bears, eating marshmallows and Twinkies, and getting attention from people, especially when he “flirts” with ladies. He is really amusing and intelligent, and he will constantly do something ridiculous to make everyone laugh.

Casey and Brutus have their own show on National Geographics called “Expedition Grizzly.” There are a few other people that keep wild animals as pets, such as hyenas or baboons.

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