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A Newborn Giraffe Left The World Soon, Leaving Its Loved Ones In Sorrow

Connections in nature are an amazing thing. We connect a lot between trees and animals and humans and again with humans and trees. We rely on the connections we make; we care, and we bond. It goes the same for every part of nature. This is a story about two animals who had that kind of connection. It was special. And it had a sad end.

Animal orphanage got a new member.


Jazz was only nine days old in this picture when Janie Van Heerden was feeding Jazz.

The South African animal orphanage recently added a recruit to their family. Just imagine it was like the animal was so tall that its head was going way over the roof. Yes, this was a baby giraffe. It was left alone in the wild. A kind farmer saw this weak and dehydrated and did not hesitate to call for help. The giraffe was days old when it arrived at the orphanage. They named the giraffe Jazz.

Jazz got a new friend.

Since Jazz arrived at the South African animal orphanage, someone in there had a particular interest in it. This was none other than the Hunter, a resident watchdog at the orphanage. According to one of the caretakers Janie Van Heerden, the young Belgian Malinois and giraffe bonded as they knew each other for a long time.

In the following weeks, orphanage workers filled the orphanage’s Facebook page with dozens of images showing Jazz’s development throughout his time there. They displayed the young giraffe and its companion playing, exploring, and sleeping next to each other on blankets.


Unfortunate incident

Jazz suddenly became ill. It was sad news to everyone who knew Jazz. Including his best friend, Hunter. 

Was this the reason why Jazz’s mom left him? 

The South African animal orphanage founder Arrie van Deventer said they finally knew that Jazz did not have a bad giraffe mother who left him. She just knew. Jazz collapsed after a brain hemorrhage.


Hunter was there looking after Jazz in its last days.

Orphanage said that Hunter did not leave Jazz’s side when the baby giraffe fell ill, seemingly realizing something was wrong. Hunter was there when the giraffe passed away and spent hours sitting in front of the empty room before seeking solace from its caregivers.

Farewell dear friend

The orphanage said that Jazz had taught them so much in the previous three weeks, and they shall remember Jazz warmly as it bid the giraffe farewell. According to Mr. van Deventer, they buried the giraffe not far from the orphanage. Numerous people expressed regret at the giraffe’s passing and concern over how Hunter would cope in the post’s thousands of views and comments.

Source : The Rhino Orphanage | Facebook 


Hunter was doing well, according to the orphanage, and will keep working on becoming a tracking dog. The orphanage also honored Hunter for his devotion. They said that he stayed till the end and said his goodbyes. And Hunter was such a good boy.

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