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A Woman aged 23, already has 11 children and wants many more.

Not one, but eleven babies are screaming for your attention at the same time! 23-year-old Christina Ozturk lives this life and couldn’t be happier. Because she loves children so much, she plans to have a larger family in the future.

In order to provide our viewers an insight into the life of this young mother, we had a conversation with her. You’ll discover a video of all the babies at the end of the article

The cute teenage baba and one of her babies

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The first kid Christina ever had, Victoria, was born when she was at the age of 17. On a trip, she met her now-husband, and had been a single mother till then. ‘He fell in love with her at first sight,’ she said, and ‘he begged her to marry him and have many children with him’

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The cute mom with her largest family ever

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Her children were born at the same time and are of similar ages! She and her husband opted to surrogacy to establish a large family rapidly because it is impossible to have that many babies at once. Her children are still biologically hers even though she didn’t give birth to them all. However, they haven’t decided on a certain number of additional children to have.

Of course, there are many nannies to take care of them!

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Her billionaire boyfriend, 56, is a wonderful parent who ensures that everyone in the family’s requirements are satisfied. They have nannies and many aides to help Christina take the best care of the kids.

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This is Christina’s regular routine

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They have shared the responsibilities, Christina informs us. His primary focus is on his job, whereas hers is on raising her children. As a family, they often go on walks, play board games, and watch movies together. Weekends are dedicated for family time, and no matter what day of the week it is, they make sure to eat together.

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Here is how they prepare themselves for photoshoots!

What are your thoughts? Would you too love to have a large family if time and money aren’t a matter?

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