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An expert in child development describes nine of the crazy things she does as a mother that other parents may find useful.

As a result, parents may spend countless hours debating and critiquing each other’s parenting methods. Besides, who is going to judge them? Anyone who has a child wants what’s best for them, which is sometimes misconstrued as believing that they know what’s best for their child

Nevertheless, Dr. Kristyn Sommer, a social media influencer and mother of “a tiny explorer,” has a slightly different perspective on how to raise a child. In her TikTok bio, Kristyn describes herself as an advocate of “evidence-based parenting” because she has a PhD in child development and has conducted numerous scientific research on the issue.

Then there’s the fact that she has a fan base of 104.6K followers who tune in for her helpful advice, daily adventures, and educational materials. A series of videos about “the weird things she does as a mom with a PhD in child development” have appeared recently online.

Kristyn stands by these techniques, which range from revealing how she speaks to her child to never forcing her to eat! Take a look at her videos below, and don’t forget to share your parenting tips and tricks in the comments!

#1 No talking back in baby talk


I don’t talk to my kid like she’s one. It does not mean I do not support child directed speech. My speech is slowed down and I emphasize certain points. I point out objects, but I don’t make the same mistakes she does. “Bot bot” is a term she uses to refer to a bottle, and I don’t respond with “bot bot.” I repeat the term correctly. After she says bot bot, I respond by saying bottle.Sonehow, she’s attempting to speak the word I’m saying, but if I confirm the wrong term, bot bot back to her, she’ll think that’s the correct word.

#2 Lazy parenting method


I’m incredibly lazy. Suddenly, everyone’s laziness is different. So, here is my laziness. Visit @scienceminded’s blog for a wonderful post on “lazy parenting.” To put it simply, I observe my child while she plays. However, I’ll just send out a few invitations. I try to stay out of the fray. This fits in well with lazy parenting. And there’s a Montessori concept that says, “Help only as much as required, but as little as possible.” There is no way that I can keep up with the incessant need to entertain my child. When she’s in need, I’d want to keep an eye on her and assist her, but not all the time. My interruptions are likewise limited. Even if it’s a hard method for some parents to be followed, it’s still credible.

#3 Stop worrying about the child’s eating habits


When it comes to her eating habits, I don’t worry too much. Despite the fact that she is starving, I’m not alarmed by the fact that she hasn’t eaten enough today. And she’ll be waking up a lot tonight. It’s scientifically proved that kids don’t do that. If they’re hungry, they won’t wake up until they’re starving. Obviously. How will kids cope if they do wake up hungry? Isn’t it common for you to wake up hungry? Probably. The thing I’d rather do is to make sure that she pays attention to her body. It’s okay if she’s not hungry at the time I’m serving her food. If she’s still hungry in 20 minutes, that’s fine, I’ll feed her then. As an example, think about your hunger and need for food. However, your kid does not have the same self-control systems as you do. In addition, they are unable to go out and get a snack on their own. Instead of worrying about what and when your child is going to eat, listen to what they have to say.

#4 Trust in giving your kid some independence


I have faith in her independence than most others. And I did it in a safe manner. We don’t have a baby gate on the stairs now, although we did in the past. But the top of the stairs still has a baby gate because she sleeps in her own bed and can get out whenever she wants to.

We’ve even given her the highchair. Our actions were similar. Our highchair is now a regular chair because we removed the front. She is able to get into it by herself. Because we don’t have to lift her up all the time, it’s a great thing. A year has passed since her birth. We bought a leaning tower so she wouldn’t scream at my feet when I was cooking dinner. It’s a hit. Her assistance in the kitchen is very appreciated!

#5 Let your kid have some screen time


I allow my kid to have some screen time. Of course, we are all familiar with AAP recommendations that children under 2 should not be exposed to screens. However, these suggestions aren’t viable at this time. Multiple studies have shown that this is just not taken seriously by parents because it isn’t feasible. Kids are getting more screen time than the AAP recommends. There is a time and place for everything, but I don’t think you should put your child in front of a screen for 8 hours a day. My kid screams while in the drive. In the car, she screams her lungs out. When I give her my phone, it has YouTube on it. …and there we are! She keeps an eye on Coco Melon and Blippi. Suddenly, she stops screaming. I don’t get panic attacks anymore thanks to this technique.

#6 Let your kid be messy and that’s Ok


Despite the fact that I allow my child to get really messy, I go to great lengths to ensure that she gets even messier again. There are a number of reasons why messy sensory play is beneficial for children’s growth. An upset child can be calmed down with it. In addition to improving fine and gross motor skills, it also improves hand-eye coordination. In addition, it is inclusive. Messy sensory play is suitable to all children. My kid and I spend a lot of time engaging in sensory play. Almost every day, I’m doing it. So I understand how difficult it may be to come up with new sensory activities and recipes that are safe for babies to eat, because we all know that our kids will eat anything.

#7 Why worry about your kid’s bedtime too much?


My child has no set bedtime. She’s bright and she knows that putting her to sleep doesn’t work, and it’s made my mental health worse because I spent hours attempting to put her to sleep. If she’s awake, she’ll realize it’s time to sleep. It’s the same as you. Not everyone is exhausted when it is time for bed. I just do a few of the insane things, and it’s cool if you don’t. 

#8 There’s no cot for my baby


My infant has never slept in a cot. Sadly, we were forced to sell it because she wouldn’t allow me to put her in the cot. She despised it. She rather prefers a double bed!

#9 Feed your baby the way she prefers


I’ve never given my infant purees. I used a baby-led weaning method. A baby-led weaning method involves introducing finger foods to your kid from the very beginning. There is no such thing as baby-led weaning, because the aim is to teach them to chew before they learn to swallow. Purees, on the other hand, require them to swallow before they can chew. All this folk wisdom is said to educate food hygiene and food skills. Which of the following is true? Only anecdotal evidence has been provided. As a newborn, my child was unable to effectively consume food until she was 14 months. All of my actions were excellent. I had the proper equipment. Stokke Tripp Trapp highchair was my choice. All of the right tools for weaning. But still it took a long time for her to start swallowing food, and she didn’t start eating until she was 14 months old. Please feel free to feed your kid in any way that pleases you!

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