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Baboon Who Made A Surprise Visit To A Woman Went Viral!

What would you feel if you discovered a wild animal in your room when you woke up? That’s what happened to Chichi Makhunga and her friend. They were vacationing at a resort in South Africa, and they had an unexpected encounter with a baboon who had broken into their room and helped himself to their snacks.


The situation caught in the video

Makhunga’s friend captured the incident on video and posted it on Twitter by another friend. She wrote in the post saying that her friend had woken up to a baboon in the room, and she was still politely asking it to go. She added that she would have fainted if it was her at that moment. The video showed the baboon sitting on the counter, munching on some food, while Makhunga calmly asked him to leave.

What happened in Makhunga’s room?

The video went viral. Many people commented on how brave and polite Makhunga was. Some also shared their experiences with baboons invading their spaces Makhunga said that they were sleeping when they heard a shuffling sound and then glass breaking. They realized they had left the sliding door slightly open, and the curtains were drawn, allowing the baboon to see and smell the food.

Makhunga said they didn’t panic or scream but spoke to the baboon as if he were human. She said Please go to the large baboon. The baboon seemed to understand and complied after finishing his snack. Then, the baboon walked out of the room and onto the patio. And he gave one last look at his hosts before leaving.

An unforgettable experience


Baboons are common in many parts of South Africa, where they often come into contact with humans. They are intelligent and opportunistic animals who can easily adapt to different environments and exploit human resources such as food, water, and shelter. They can also be aggressive and destructive if provoked or threatened.


How should you behave around baboons?

Imagine if you faced a situation Makhunga met one day. What should you do?

  • Stay calm and assess the situation before acting.
  • Do not feed or approach baboons.
  • Do not run away or show fear.
  • Do not make eye contact or show your teeth.
  • Do not yell or throw things at them.
  • If they take food from you, let them have it.
  • Keep your doors and windows locked when you are not around or sleeping.

Baboons are fascinating animals who have complex social structures and behaviors. They are also part of the natural heritage of South Africa and deserve respect and protection. However, they can also challenge human-wildlife coexistence when entering urban areas or tourist destinations.

Therefore, humans and baboons must learn how to live peacefully without harming or causing conflicts. As Makhunga’s experience shows, sometimes all it needs is a polite request.

Here is the viral video

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