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Beautiful Life on the Web Revealed in 14 Photos.

We’re all aware of the fact that many users resort to shady tactics in order to get more likes.

We have gathered 14 photos that show how social media popularity is actually accomplished in the real world. Observe and be amazed with us.

#1 Spending a most awaited vacation in Bahamas


#2 We look forward to our walks together every day


#3 In the morning, I started running. Purchased a pair of sneakers.

tone brigante/twitter

#4 The iPhone is still an iPhone – even if it’s not a brand new model


#5 What a stylish summer bag I’ve got!


#6 My baby and I went to the car wash.

Tré Melvin/twitter

#7 A sea view room is where I live.

Courtney Robinson/twitter

#8 My first Beyoncé concert is still vivid in my mind.


#9 Me and my boyfriend

Patrice Pannell/twitter

#10 Perfume that I adore the most. As far as I’m concerned, it’s all I use.


#11 The car that I’m driving today is my Mercedes.

anthony asfour/twitter

#12 Consistent training produces the best results!

Michelle Castro/twitter

#13 Seeing a world masterpiece up close.

Sam and Amy/twitter

#14 My Instagram profile vs. my real-life appearance

source : brightside


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