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Body-Positive Model Redefines Victoria’s Secret Standards with Empowering Catalog Remake

Victoria’s Secret is famous for its alluring lingerie and stunning angels. While many admire these beautiful angels, some aspire to be like them. Victoria’s Secret is renowned for its spectacular shows, especially the mesmerizing wings.

Tabria Majors, a curvy model, shared some photos of herself alongside pictures of her favorite Victoria’s Secret models and lingerie sets.

We can all agree that she looks stunning in the VS lingerie, and she totally rocked the look. These pictures send a message that Victoria’s Secret could benefit from a bit more diversity and body positivity, challenging the usual stereotype.

The model explains the pictures with: “I’m just celebrating some of my favorite pictures/outfits from Victoria’s Secret here and proving that curvy girls can showcase (and sell) lingerie just as effectively as straight-size models,” and we absolutely agree.

Now, let’s take a look at these viral pictures that are gaining a lot of attention on social media.

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Meet Tabria Majors, a model who just showed that curvy women can be Victoria’s Secret angels too!

She posed in her favorite Victoria’s Secret pieces to show that curvy girls can sell underwear just as well as any other model.

The model has taken pictures for other lingerie brands in the past.

Perhaps I’ll dress up as a Victoria’s Secret Angel this Halloween, since it’s not happening in real life.

On Majors’ Instagram, it’s clear she feels at ease in front of the camera wearing lingerie, and she looks absolutely stunning.

The comments section was filled with positive messages!

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