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Edas Wong’s New Accidentally Brilliant Photographs

There’s an old adage that if you let a monkey write random crap, it’ll eventually write Shakespeare’s Hamlet. In photography, the analogy goes something like this: if you encounter a lot of random crap, you’ll ultimately see something that looks deliberate, magnificent, and even great. While most photographers rely on meticulous planning for their photos, some, such as Edas Wong, rely only on luck and instinct. He merely walks around the streets, looking for anything that catches his eye. Even if his shots are “accidental,” they are no less amazing. It simply astounding how a perspective based on luck can generate a metaphor, a juxtaposition, and flow smoothly like visual poetry. It only goes to show that some things are best left to chance.

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The artist told us about the particular aspects of this type of photography and his life: “”I am from Hong Kong. I grew up in Hong Kong, but I spent two years at university in the United Kingdom and eleven years as an R&D engineer in Stockholm. Actually, I began my street photography experience in Stockholm.”

When I met my wife, I became interested in photography. We, like other couples, began photographing our regular lives. When I was in Stockholm in 2011/2012, I developed an interest in street photography and grew serious about it. For approximately 10 years, I’ve been a street photographer.”


“The reason I chose this particular genre of photography over others is actually pretty simple. I didn’t need to learn a complicated method or invest in pricey equipment; all I needed was my tiny camera. Perfect for a beginner.

I first learned the concepts from other photographers… However, I later discovered that this approach is better suited to me… It is about creating rather than capturing.”



















Accidental photography has grown in popularity over the years, and some suggest that this is due to the proliferation of digital technology, which have enabled individuals to shoot images everywhere and at any time, as long as they have a smartphone. Another essential component is location: metropolises, places with millions of people, are generally busy and bustling, giving a plethora of options for a keen eye to photograph


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