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Urban street style captured by a Russian photographer

Grisha Besko, a Russian street photographer, is best renowned for shooting the best everyday looks of Moscow residents. His photographs capture the “urban” style of muscovite clothes while attempting to highlight the primary differences that set it apart from the standard Western look we may be accustomed to seeing.

Grisha has an Instagram account where he posts street-style photography virtually every day, and his photos never fail to wow. Besko’s distinct style and approach, along with a profound understanding and enthusiasm for portraits and street fashion photography, casts a new light on the city of Moscow and its people.

So, keep scrolling if you want to see excellent wardrobe ideas from Moscow’s streets!

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Not all changes are bad ones. Many terrible things happened around the world during the coronavirus crisis, yet each shift provides us a glimmer of optimism that keeps us going. The fashion industry experienced the same thing. Even if the stores were closed, not everything was as awful as it appears, as the attendees of the Moscow event wore ensembles that were impossible to miss!



We are all aware that through clothing and accessories, people can make an impression and reveal a little bit of their inner identity. In addition to utilizing subcultural and overlapping styles or trends, street style allows people to express their numerous identities. 



Street style is a hugely contagious, instantaneous, and addicting aspect of fashion that has revolutionized the way fashion is created and consumed. With Instagram exploding in popularity, it’s no surprise that images of people simply roaming through the streets and taking random photos have become so popular. It’s meant to be lighthearted and dynamic, merging fashion with its own language.

















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