Cute Baby Animals to Brighten Your Day

For our parents, no matter how many grey hairs we have, we will always be babies. As a result, we get all the unsolicited advice on changing employment, moving overseas, getting a loan, and so on. But this time, we’re not going to talk about humans; instead, we’re going to …

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A man shares his home with a Grizzly bear.

Love for animals had grown more and more recently and humans had always been kind to animals. (there are exceptions too though). But as a whole, having a pet at home is a common thing today and we see how, many people who live alone by themselves mostly have pets …

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“Breed for Health.” Not for Show”: A breeder is reworking on the faces of French Bulldogs to improve their health.

Only 40 breeds and varieties were identified in 1873, but there are now approximately 450 recognized dog breeds worldwide. Humans created contemporary breeds by artificial selection in an unnatural way. Because dog fighting was prohibited in England in 1835, people switched to another competitive activity of dog showing, which was …

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