Edas Wong’s New Accidentally Brilliant Photographs

There’s an old adage that if you let a monkey write random crap, it’ll eventually write Shakespeare’s Hamlet. In photography, the analogy goes something like this: if you encounter a lot of random crap, you’ll ultimately see something that looks deliberate, magnificent, and even great. While most photographers rely on …

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Urban street style captured by a Russian photographer

Grisha Besko, a Russian street photographer, is best renowned for shooting the best everyday looks of Moscow residents. His photographs capture the “urban” style of muscovite clothes while attempting to highlight the primary differences that set it apart from the standard Western look we may be accustomed to seeing. Grisha …

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Cute Baby Animals to Brighten Your Day

For our parents, no matter how many grey hairs we have, we will always be babies. As a result, we get all the unsolicited advice on changing employment, moving overseas, getting a loan, and so on. But this time, we’re not going to talk about humans; instead, we’re going to …

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