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Clothes Shop Assistants Won’t Tell You These 9 Things

Clothing stores are notorious for using techniques to get us to spend more on their products.

For this reason, we decided to find out what clothing manufacturers and retailers are trying to hide from us.

#1 It is the stores which benefit from sales, not the customers


Sales are a way to get you to buy products you wouldn’t have bought otherwise. Many people are easily swayed by a good deal. But what is the point of sales in the first place?

It’s not uncommon for retailers to artificially raise prices immediately before a sale to entice customers.

Even if you see sales up to 70%, you will only find such a deal on a single item. All other prices are reduced by no more than 10%.

#2 The sizes of each brand differ from one another


The size scales used by manufacturers vary. This means that one store will have “S” items that you can easily fit into, while another will have “M” items that you can barely squeeze yourself into! The size of some clothing is intentionally “reduced” by some clothing companies to encourage female customers to buy them.

#3 It’s not necessary to work with a well-known designer to get a good output


Sometimes, huge companies collaborate with well-known designers to manufacture clothing. Their goal is to get people to pay more for exclusive things by charging a higher price. It’s true that they’re limited edition, but that doesn’t mean they’re better in quality.

#4 On purpose, the sales area appears disorganized.


In a clothing store, all the clothes are neatly folded or stacked, but the sales section is a complete mess with everything heaped high? This is to make a consumer feel thrilled and hurry out to acquire it as soon as possible, this is done on purpose.

#5 Clothing manufacture uses harmful chemicals.


In spite of the “100% natural” designation, an item can be harmful to your health. Chemicals used in clothing production cannot be detected without thorough laboratory testing. The use of some toxic substances is necessary to achieve a designer’s vision for a product’s color or texture, while others are used to protect the clothing from insects or mildew. Be sure to wash your garments before putting them on! As a result, the amount of harmful substances will be reduced, and you will be protected against illness in the case that a previous client who \wore the dress had an infection.

#6 It’s the same price for synthetic items as it is for natural fabrics.


The price of synthetic clothing is typically overcharged in order to entice people to purchase more expensive products made of natural fabrics. Compared to a synthetic blouse, the client feels a cotton or woolen blouse isn’t that much more expensive, therefore they buy it without a second thought.

#7 Outlet clothing is of lower quality than boutique clothing.


Many individuals resort to outlet stores to buy designer items in order to save money. However, the clothes and accessories there look like they’re from designer collections, but they’re actually from mass-produced brands. To make money from individuals who can’t purchase their garments in luxury stores, lux brands often produce products using inexpensive materials.

#8 Items that are of low quality


Fortunately, our parents have left us some clothes that we can still wear. To the contrary, today’s clothes are generally of low quality, with sloppy stitching and poor printing on the images. It is to make things quick and cheap so that we buy them more often.

#9 Fashion trends tend to change weekly


Spring/summer and fall/winter are no longer the only seasons. Clothing manufacturers have adapted to micro trends in modern times. Almost every week, there is a new fashionable item at a store, which makes you desire more and spend more.

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