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Italian Artist Creates Alluring Optical Illusions Using His Body As A Canvas

If a person’s body is their temple, Lucas Luce’s body is one of the most illusory temples there are. But don’t worry, it’s all a hoax. For what it’s worth, the Italian makeup artist practices his skill on himself, and the results are rather convincing. Some of them appears to be so lifelike that they’re creepy: his body appears to flex, twist, and glitch out to create expansive 3D illusions. Luca’s sense for shadows and highlights, as well as colours and signals, is probably what makes them so lifelike. And if you still don’t believe your own eyes, perhaps some videos clips can help?

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You can view the fascinating intricacies of the artist’s transformations on TikTok and Instagram.


The 42-year-old Milanese artist is not a newcomer to his trade. He’s been a TV celebrity makeup artist for over 20 years and has extensive experience in other fields as well. But in 2014, he wanted to change it up a bit and try out something new and innovative. He began doing the optical illusion makeup that you see here today. He began by using his hands as a canvas, then progressed to his head and face. Luca is still doing them almost 7 years later, and the results are mind-boggling.



His makeup paintings on his hands and head are among the pieces of art today. Luca’s talent shines through even though his hands and head are distinct as canvases. He has the ability to create lifelike creatures, eerie horror makeup, and geometric illusions that distort the proportions of his hands and head. And these are just a few examples of his seemingly limitless makeup abilities. He has no intention of winding down anytime soon, so we may expect many more exciting experiments!













Luca has 379k Instagram followers and 1.2M TikTok followers, all of whom adore his fascinating and innovative makeup videos, some of which have gone viral. If you appreciate and support what he does and his makeovers, check out his social media profiles and follow him; it will assist him a lot.


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