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Enhancing Amazing Art with Colorful Figuration: Discover This Artist’s Unique Style

To make a picture tell a thousand stories, the artist needs to be really good and creative. They can put stories, feelings, and lots of other things into their art. They’re like super creative and can show their thoughts and emotions through their art. In the world of different types of art, let’s learn about a unique artist.

All the way from Korea, there’s this artist named Soey Milk. She’s famous for her special kind of art that looks dreamy and shows things that seem real. Her style is using oil paint on different surfaces, not just canvas like most artists. She wants to see how colors look on different things. Her art uses lots of different colors that stand out and catch your attention.

You can find out more about her and see her art on Soey Milk, Facebook, Instagram, and at the Corey Helford Gallery.


Soey Milk


Soey Milk


Soey Milk


Soey Milk
Talking about what she draws, she really likes to create pictures of women and use a lot of different fabrics. You know, like clothes and materials. In her art, you can often see these fabrics, and the women she draws are like a mix of things she remembers and things she makes up in her imagination. She wants to show how women and fabrics are connected, which is why many of her artworks have women and clothing in them.


Soey Milk

The bright and different colors she uses make her art look dreamy and unusual. This kind of art is called surrealistic and figurative. She’s made lots of incredible art on all sorts of things, and she’s really good at it.

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