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Ever wondered about the most beautiful trees in the world?

Some of the world’s strangest and most beautiful trees were captured by us in a series of photos. You may have a look below to see if it’s not.

#1 Rhododendronwhich in Canada is 125 years’ old 


#2 A tree shaped like a mushroom

#3 Blooming yellow Mimosa tree in Abkhazia


#4 A tree that that has a cooling effect, Philippines

#5 Seems like mango trees underwater

#6 The popular Baobab trees in Madagascar

#7 Amazing Cypress trees, Caddo lake

#8 Purplish Wisteria trees in Japan

#9 Don’t these look like bottles in Socotra Island? 

#10 Colored like a a rainbow! Eucalyptus trees in Hawaii

#11 Socotra Island’s Dragon tree

#12 Ever wondered how the oldest trees on earth, Bristlecone pine looks like? 

#13 The amazing quiver tree in in Namibia

#14 A maple tree in Japan

#15 A pinkish Frankenstein tree

Sam Van Aken

Source : brightside

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