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Farewell Of The Majestic Queen! 

The Elephant Queen of Kenya, also known as F_MU 1, ended her life journey due to natural causes. Surprisingly, she survived amidst the poaching threats, one of the greatest dangers to Elephants in Kenya. 


She is graceful, and she is a beauty! The age does not defy that she is Kenya’s most beautiful gentle giant! 

This collection of pictures by a British photographer is a tribute to the elephant queen. She was a majestic animal known by wildlife lovers. Some were fortunate enough to meet her when they visited Kenya. These were the last photographs taken before she peacefully died in Tsavo, Kenya. 


Look how majestic the tusks are! It is indeed the unique feature of the elephant queen. Having a pair of tusks is a scarce thing. This tusker is fortunate to own such magnificent tusks as this. 

The British photographer mentions these pictures as a tribute to the great Elephant who lived for over 60 years with the help of Tsavo Trust and Kenya wildlife service. 


She aged gracefully. Nature protected her and gave her strength to survive amidst all the threats! 

The photographer traveled to Tsavo in August 2017 to take pictures for a coffee table photography book. The project was connected to the Elephants in the area. Tsavo Trust was a non-profit wildlife organization that engaged in wildlife conservation. This organization cared for these four-legged Tsavo East National Park residents, Tsavo West National Park, and the Chyulu Hills National Park. 


The other animals in the herd respect the Elephant Queen. She is innocent by nature and beyond graceful! 

The photographer had to spend several days spotting the giant beauty. The Elephant Queen was old and skinny due to age. But she still walked with grace. Her tusks were long and magnificent, and they scraped the ground when she walked. She was more like a relic than just a mere elephant. The photographer was lucky to spend an entire day following this magnificent creature everywhere, from the scrub to the watering hole. It resulted in the production of this beautiful set of pictures. 


Capturing her last days is a miracle. The Elephant Queen will not know how much she will be missed!

We could also see it as one of the rarest opportunities for the photographer. It is a massive privilege for him to get close and capture the movements in their best form. These pictures made it possible for the world to see the elephant queen in her last stages of life. She graced the world of wildlife with her presence as a magnificent and elegant creature.


Survival is indeed a game! And she did it! And she is one of the luckiest wild animals who got world recognition.


Elephants are a true treasure and a world heritage! They are facing the threat of extinction due to the actions of humanity and natural causes. We truly must save them. These pictures would help people realize the value of wildlife, especially Elephants. 

The credit should go to this amazing photographer who took all the trouble to get a perfect job done! 

Image Credit : Will Burrard-Lucas

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