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In these 5 Images, The First Thing You See Will Expose The Truth About Your Current State Of Mind

It’s possible that the first things we notice are a direct reflection of our inner state. The following images are ambiguous in which objects are hidden and can help you better understand who you are and how you view life generally.

In order to help you evaluate the signals coming from your subconscious mind, we have created a test for you to take part. This week’s test is simple: Pay attention to what appears first in the following pictures.

#1 What did you notice first? Fish or the face?

Face – You’re sociable and communicative, and you’re interested in other people’s lives and how they live. Aside from that, it’s part of who you are that you rely on your intellect to get things done.

Fish – If you see the fish first, you are content with your life, and you believe in good fortune, you’ll be successful in your future endeavors. It doesn’t matter if things don’t go according to your plan, you still manage to cope up.

#2 What did you notice first? Key hole or the crying figure?

Keyhole – You’re curious about your life as a whole. The idea that you’ll soon have to face the unknown excites you.

Crying figure– You’re not fully aware of how you’re feeling at the moment. There are many emotions that can be expressed in this way such as disappointment or loneliness. Be more aware of your own emotions.

#3 What did you notice first? Slightly open door or musical note?

Slightly open door- Despite the fact that you’re ready for a change, it feels as if you’re heading in the right direction already. You’re aware of what lies ahead.

Musical note – You need to express your creativity right now as you feel that there’s something that you need to share with the world. Working hard will help you reach your full potential.

#4 What did you notice first? Columns or people?

Columns – Leaving your comfort zone and achieving your goals can be difficult. You should try to see the world from a different point of view if you can. It’s possible that having columns indicates that you’re a romantic and dreamy person.

People – When it comes to your personal life, you don’t feel any real boundaries. You can accomplish a lot of things with ease. Because you’re a sensitive and caring individual, you’re always willing and able to help others.

#5 Who did you notice first? Man or Woman?

Man – If you are a woman then you might be seeking a romantic relationship or looking for a partner. For those who already have one, you have an emotional bond with him that is unbreakable. If you are a man, then you might be concerned about a problem involving another man.

Woman – To a woman, it means that you have a very positive outlook on life and that you are in harmony with your inner self. If you’re a man, it could mean that you have a deep appreciation for women’s looks. Undoubtedly, you sympathize with and expect the same from a certain woman

Symbolic meanings of certain things and the emotions they evoke in you are used as the basis for the test. In each pair, which symbol did you notice first? In the comments, let us know if the description is accurate.

Illustrated by Alena Sofronova for BrightSide


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