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“Breed for Health.” Not for Show”: A breeder is reworking on the faces of French Bulldogs to improve their health.

Only 40 breeds and varieties were identified in 1873, but there are now approximately 450 recognized dog breeds worldwide. Humans created contemporary breeds by artificial selection in an unnatural way. Because dog fighting was prohibited in England in 1835, people switched to another competitive activity of dog showing, which was created over the last 200 years.

The appearance of the animal is important in dog shows, thus dog breeders tried to make the dogs look more pleasing to the eye. However, this did put the dogs at a risk. This was the case with French bulldogs, who currently have breathing issues that are being addressed by reengineering their faces.

Chantal van Kruining, a veterinary assistant who loves French bulldogs, is one of those people. Her goal is to “breed for health.” Not show” and influence people’s mindsets so that they worry more about their pets’ health rather than their appearance.

Anatomically, French bulldogs are prone to BOAS, and a Netherlands veterinary assistant is working to genetically alter the breed.

Image credits: Krijn de Haas

Since the French Bulldog suffers from Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome (BOAS), they pant sticking out their tongues, even when taking a short stroll. It’s selected breeding that has resulted in a skull deformity that causes this condition.

The nostril openings were abnormally small as a result of the skull deformity. It’s also worth noting that the dogs’ respiratory troubles are compounded by their lengthy soft palate and rather narrow tracheas. It’s so dangerous that it could lead to a fatal outcome.

Image credits: Krijn de Haas

But there are others who care deeply about this matter, such as Chantal van Kruining, a Netherlands veterinary assistant. The breed caught her attention but her heart broke when she saw the misery her dogs went through due to their artificial anatomy made by humans without taking their health into account.

French bulldogs pant even after a simple walk because of their narrow tracheas and nostril openings.

Image credits: Krijn de Haas

“Breed for health” is Chantal’s mission. It’s important for owners, breeders and dog show judges to modify their thinking to be more concerned about Frenchies’ health.

Image credits: Krijn de Haas
Image credits: MattyIce6969
Image credits: Krijn de Haas

Chantal says on her website that she would want to see more athletic French bulldogs that can play and run without panting

Image credits: Krijn de Haas
Image credits: Krijn de Haas
Image credits: Krijn de Haas
Image credits: Krijn de Haas
Image credits: Krijn de Haas

Transparency is also important to Chantal, so she takes sure to make the results of her dog’s health testing public.

Her frustration comes from the fact that the world of dog breeding is shrouded in secrecy, that some people seem to believe these abnormalities in French bulldogs to be normal, and that breeders withhold information concerning the health of the breed. Since her tests are so accurate, the veterinary assistant’s website contains all of her findings. People are encouraged to ask her questions, and she is willing to answer them.

Observe Chantal’s attempts to improve the breed’s health. Would it make French Bull dogs’ muzzle longer? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

When it comes to muzzle duration, some people have stated that they prefer a longer one since it seems healthier

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