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Some of The Funniest Photos from The 2021 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Have Just Been Announced.

It’s that time of year again! Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have selected their finalists for their latest season! This year’s competition has produced some of the best images in the competition’s seven-year history, at least in my opinion. As much as we enjoyed them, we hope you will as well.

Please scroll down and take a look at all of the best entries from the competition. Which photos do you think deserve the greatest recognition? Do you have any favorites? In the comments, please let us know.

Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam, two skilled wildlife photographers, launched the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards in 2015. For this competition, they wanted to emphasize on the fun side of wildlife photography. Aside from that, they wanted to use humor to spread the word about wildlife protection. They’re supporting the Save Wild Orangutans charity this year by contributing a tenth of their total net revenue to the Gunung Palung National Park in Borneo, which protects wild orangutans.

As part of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards team, I reached out to Michelle Wood to ask her a few questions about the competition, what we should all keep in mind if we want to join next year, and about the charity they are supporting this year.

“Over 7,000 submissions were received despite this being COVID’s 2nd year and the fact that there has been less travel in general; photographers have been taking use of local wildlife photography. There were more bird entries this year than ever before, and they came from a wide variety of species. This shows that wildlife may be seen anywhere you listen and look, mailed Wood. 

#1 Time to have a bath

Chee Kee Teo / Comedy wildlife photo

When asked about giving guidance to those preparing for the competition next year, Michelle told us that it was tough to do so. “Comedy Wildlife is different from other photography competitions because it involves a split-second decision to press the button at the proper time,” she explained. When out and about, “it’s usually a good idea to always have your camera or camera phone with you, just in case that perfect moment happens,” she advised.

“Then there’s the matter of patience, a lot of patience. Wildlife Photography requires a lot of waiting around!! You can enter your photo or video for free. This competition is an opportunity for you to personally assist our conservation organization and spread the word about the Awards message by participating in the competition, or even by purchasing a print or calendar.”

#2 It’s time to have a bath!

John Speirs / Comedy wildlife photo

#3 Sadly, it’s the end of summer, I guess

Arthur Trevino / Comedy wildlife photo

#4 Here I come…the Ninja dog

Patrick Dirlam / Comedy wildlife photo

#5 I didn’t grant you permission to capture me

Charlie Page / Comedy wildlife photo

#6 Hey there!

Andrew Mayes / Comedy wildlife photo

#7 This is how I look, every Monday morning

Axel Bocker / Comedy wildlife photo

A total of 42 pictures, together with the Portfolio and Video categories, were selected as finalists. The shortlist for 2021 features the most diverse group of animals in the competition’s history. This year’s winners include an Indian laughing vine snake, a trio of Gentoo penguins on the Falkland Islands, and an Australian Kangaroo performing a superb Pavarotti impersonation.

#8 Life is short, keep smiling!

Kevin Biskaborn / Comedy wildlife photo

#9 Life during quarantine

Martina Novotna / Comedy wildlife photo

#10 The brave giggles

Wenona Suydam / Comedy wildlife photo

#11 Let’s see who can jump higher

Chu han lin / Comedy wildlife photo

#12 Yes I’m a lovely bear of course

David Eppley / Comedy wildlife photo

#13 The bald eagle

Lea Scaddan / Comedy wildlife photo

#14 Warm up sessions with him

Sarosh Lodhi / Comedy wildlife photo

#15 Let’s dance the hell out 

Nat Tan / Comedy wildlife photo

#16 This is my attitude, Bear with it or not!

Aditya Kshirsagar / Comedy wildlife photo

#17 This is how I look before and after coffee

Ken Jensen / Comedy wildlife photo

#18 Ouch, that did hurt!

Joshua Galicki / Comedy wildlife photo

#19 Aren’t we too sexy to walk along this beach

Vicki Jauron / Comedy wildlife photo

#20 The first ever snake that laughs

Nicolas de VAULX / Comedy wildlife photo

#21 There’s The Booty Drop, The Face Drop, The Shake Off, and The Final Swipe!

Siddhant Agrawal / Comedy wildlife photo

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