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Due to the fact that no one ever took a picture of me with my grandparents, I now photograph grandchildren with grandparents (18 Pic)

I’ve got many photo albums with photos of my family members. I’ve got ones with my mom, dad, my brother, my pet and even the stray cat we adopted back in the day. But there’s not even a single photo with my grandparents whom I loved so much, even more than my own parents. I seriously wonder as to why hasn’t a single photo been captured, at least to look at them now, as I miss them now and love them still, even after they are long gone. 

This had inspired me in a way to capture whatever the moments I come across between grandparents and grandkids or great grandparents and grandkids knowing that those would be the ones that would remind them of the lovely moments they spent together, some day. Grandparents aren’t people who would stay in our frame for ever or stay for too long, so making use of the present moments is the best!

I consider this as a great project that reconstructs the memories of my life while capturing these lovely moments. They remind me of the times I’ve spent with my own grandparents and hints me of the importance of capturing moments together with them. The grandkids in these photos too would feel lucky enough someday to see these and recollect the past memories. Meeting these elderly people and interacting with them had of course taught me so much in life. 

I hope that you too would enjoy these photos that I’ve shared below.

#1 Reading is better when done with my grandma

#2 Going on a walk early morning together with my grandpa is the best

#3 Be it a great grandparent or a grandparent, it still seems lovely

#4 I call it “the circle of life”

#5 Don’t you think that the kittens made this frame look better?

#6 Like grandma, like grand kid

#7 A lovely moment of course!

#8 Sweetness overloaded

#9 Gran pa is actually having a great time with the grandkid

#10 Combing hair of a grand kid isn’t an easy task

#11 Let’s go for a walk grandpa! 

#12 Its not always the grand parent and grand kid but pets too are included!

#13 I love looking at pictures together with my grandpa

#14 Isn’t this a masterpiece?

#15 Resting on my grand mas’s lap is the best comfort I have

#16 A happy family of course!

#17 It always feels better to see my grandparents

#18 This warmth of course is unique to grandparents

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