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Have you ever come across Rush hours like in these countries?

After hearing “rush hour,” you may immediately think about large crowds of people and congested roads. Some people have to go to dinner, another has a business meeting, and a happy couple is just walking home from their date. Every country has rush hour.

During the busiest hours of the day, we thought it would be interesting to collect photos of cities around the world. There are some amazing contrasts in this collection!

#1 Tiny ants in Beijing, China

#2 People piling up in Dhaka, Bangladesh

#3 Even the river is congested in Venice, Italy

#4 Who says its always congested with people? Chhattisgarh, India

#5 Train staff in Tokyo, Japan

#6 Crowded people in Siem reap, Cambodia

#7 No wonder that even London is crowded!

#8 Tiny ants in Moscow, Russia

#9 Congested trains in Sao Paulo, Brazil

#10 Taxi congestion in Kampala, Uganda

#11 A man amidst the traffic jam in Palermo, Italy

#12 Do you actually see this as a train ride? Yes, it is, in Bangladesh



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