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Here are 18 of the cutest pictures of very cute animals on fingers

There’s something sweet about tiny animals. There are also very adorable. We call them “Tiny animals on fingers”. However, we feel that tiny animals tend to look cuter than their larger ones. Sorry to all of you BIG animals out there—we still adore you! But in a different sense, we think that you’re cute too.)

Tiny animals on fingers is a subreddit that celebrates the adorableness of illegally smol creatures that perch on people’s fingers. As a community of 80k members, the subreddit delivers on its promise. Your heart will melt when you see these photographs. They’ll make you wish it was summer again. Check out the greatest ones below and don’t forget to vote for your favorites! (even if it is through your screen, keep in mind that, an upvote is like gently booping these tiny creatures,).

In particular, we’re big fans of the frogs and hummingbirds. But let us know what you think!

About wild animals and what we can do to protect them, we called out to Help Wildlife, a British charity-run advice website for wildlife. “It’s preferable to avoid disturbing little creatures in nature by staying on well-established trails. Only watch a nest or other animal habitat from a distance; do not try to touch or meddle. Keep your dog under control and don’t let it annoy or injure wildlife if you’re walking with a pet” told Sarah from ‘Help Wildlife.

#1 Chameleons, the tiny baby critters

Minh Triều Anh

#2 Those tiny legs are cute


#3 As It Turns Out, This Is Actually A Flying Fox. a Northern Blossom Bat. ‘Pixie’ is a sub adult and weighs about 8 g!

Wildlife Rescue Darwin

When we asked about the impact on wildlife of all sizes, Sarah from ‘Help Wildlife’ stated that traffic has “a very substantial influence”. According to her, in addition to the apparent dangers associated with roadways, they also split and decrease their natural territories.

#4 A tiny dragon


#5 Tiny Baby Hummingbird Drinking Raspberry Nectar


#6 A tiny Pygmy Possum from Western Australia


#7 Tiny little starfish

Chuck Hilliard

#8 Baby Snapping Turtles resemble miniature dinosaurs.


#9 Does this really hurt?


#10 Caterpillars know to pose too!


#11 I’m raising an orphaned baby opossum.


#12 My Neighbor’s New Baby Turtle


#13 The smallest of geckos

#14 Isn’t this tiny bee too adorable?

Lennart van Vliet

#15 It does perfectly fit in my finger


#16 Once upon a time, even the Kraken was adorable.


#17 Isn’t this frog too tiny?


#18 The tiny snake friend


If you intend to feed wild creatures (whether teeny-tiny, large, or something in between), make certain that they maintain their independency and don’t become dependent on humans.

“Make sure it’s something wholesome, don’t give them so much that they grow dependent on people, and don’t let them connect people with food. It is preferable for their survival if they stay self-sufficient and do not approach people for food “‘Help Wildlife,’ told us in a previous interview.

So go ahead and admire all those small creatures. But don’t be disappointed if not all of them want to perch on your finger right away.





Note: this post originally had 113 images. It’s been shortened to the top 20 images based on user votes.

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