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How A Dog Was Rescued From The Top Of A Mountain & Found A New Home !

Humans have had a special gift since birth. But they can only use it if they intend to. The gift of kindness, when humans spread it, a beautiful thing can happen that changes many lives. Imagine driving through the winding mountain highways of northern California and spotting a furry blur dangerously close to the road. That happened to Jenna Rezzonico, a local animal rescuer who runs Rezzi Rescue. She saw him more clearly as she approached  a sweet brown dog alone at the top of the mountain.


Rescuing the abandoned dog

Rezzonico felt compelled to assist. Fortunately, another kind-hearted individual noticed the dog and stopped their car. Together, they persuaded the dog to leave the road and come to their vehicles. They then waited for animal control to arrive. Rezzonico took dog food from her car, and the puppy started eating eagerly. Rezzonico said that the dog was extremely hungry, and she saw that someone had recently removed his collar because it left an imprint.


Marley was a brave dog.

Despite his tough situation, the dog, later named Marley, showed affection by rolling over and asking for belly rubs. Rezzonico said that he was such a sweet dog. She also said that he seemed a bit nervous, too, maybe because of his previous owner.

When animal control officers arrived, they evaluated Marley and confirmed that someone had abandoned him on the mountain. He couldn’t have made it up there alone someone must have left him there on purpose.


Happy ending for Marley!

But Marley’s story was about to take a turn for the better. As luck would have it, the kind-hearted individual waiting with Rezzonico had a friend interested in adopting a dog. When Marley was ready for adoption, after being checked by a vet and neutered, the friend met him and realized he was the one.

Marley can now relax with his new family and dog sibling, knowing he will never struggle to survive again. He has abundant love, food, and toys to keep him content.

Rezzonico saved Marley’s life

Marley’s story exemplifies how kindness can make a difference in an animal’s life. Thanks to Rezzonico’s rescue efforts and her connection with another compassionate person, Marley went from being abandoned on a mountain to being cherished in a home.


Rezzonico continues to rescue needy animals through her organization Rezzi Rescue, which she founded in 2019 after rescuing her dog Rezzi from Mexico. She hopes that by sharing Marley’s story, more people will be inspired to adopt or foster animals who need homes.


Follow Rezzi Rescue on Instagram and stay updated on Rezzonico’s rescues.

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