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Humanity Is Still Alive. The Innocent Dog Lived In Trash Bins & Had An Unbelievable Destiny

Today’s world is so terrible that we sometimes have to ask, is there still faith in humanity? 

People are doing more harm to society than good. Yet we hear some incidents time and again proving humanity is still alive. This story is about how the intentions of individuals with pure hearts lead to giving a new life to an innocent dog.

Something was wrong!

It was a typical day in the neighborhood. But a good Samaritan in Missouri could not help but notice a dog sprawled on a garbage pile. He saw it for a couple of days. And he could not normally live when that innocent dog was having a hard time in front of his eyes. He decided to call for help.


The arrival of Stray Rescue of St. Louis (SRSL)

His call was to Stray Rescue of St. Louis (SRSL). As soon as they heard this news, they sent a rescue team to the location to save the dog. Thanks to the help of the messenger, the rescue team came quickly. SRSL’s chief lifesaving officer Donna Lochmann said that when they got there, she continued to dig among the rubbish because she was starving, and they could see that she was skinny. Lochmann was the first one to spot the pup.

The rescue did not go as planned!

When the dog finally realized Lochmann was there, she immediately hid behind the trash can. Lochmann knew that to save the puppy; she would need first to earn her trust. She thus took some snacks out after initially assuming the dog was hungry.


Lochmann said that the dog was very receptive to the sausages. But when she knelt and offered one to it, it went past the food and came right up to her. The adorable dog approached her savior as closely as she could and met her eyes instead of munching on the food she gave it. Lochmann said it was as if he was saying, ‘Are you here to help me?’. 

So, the rescue did not go as planned. It went well.

Taking the dog to the shelter


Dog trusted Lochmann. It felt this stranger would protect me. Lochmann brought her to the car while a leash tethered her because the rescue operation went without a hitch. They arrived soon at the shelter. It didn’t take long for the dog to take place in everyone’s hearts at the shelter. Lochmann named her ‘Little Toes’. Lochmann said that she was so sweet with everybody in the clinic. And she was hugging everybody.

Little Toes got a new home


Before entering foster care, Little Toes was only at the shelter for a day and a half, but during that brief time, she showed as much affection as possible. Little Toes spends her days spoiling her new foster parents and canine sibling. Since she has been placed in a loving temporary home, her charming personality is developing more and more every day.

Even though her hugs at SRSL are missed, Little Toes will never again go hungry, and for that, her pals at SRSL are grateful.

Watch the innocent dog’s rescue here.


Source : Stray Rescue of St. Louis 

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