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I paint 3D little critters on stones to reflect their spirit and personality.

What are 3D paintings? 3D paintings is a sort of artwork painted or drawn in a certain method that draws an optical illusion that tricks the mind into believing that the 2d artwork they are reviewing is truly three dimensional. 

We of course, have come across such paintings at least once in our life, may be by the pavements, streets, roads. And we of course know how talented one should be to paint those! Imagine all the hard work and effort an artist puts in it to make it look realistic to the viewer by giving it a lively look and make it kind of close to the viewer. It is not simple as it seems in reality as not everyone has this talent in drawing stuff smoothly with patience. Do not forget the fact that this is 3D painting and not just paintings! The amount of effort put in it is even doubled!

Have you ever imagined of doing 3D artworks on stones? It is even harder as a lot of patience is needed to do so. But there are even artists with such talents in this world! Why not have a look at the pictures below and decide for yourself!

“Some stones exhibit animal-like characteristics. I make beautiful 3D miniatures that capture the personalities of these creatures.”

“I believe that people in major cities don’t get enough interaction with nature, and I wish to provide them joy through my art.”

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