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I Photographed the Darker Side of Las Vegas While on My Honeymoon.

As a great lover of photographing street life, I wanted to go to Vegas not to see the big name acts and glamor, but to experience the grim truth of the “Haves and Have Nots.” Everyone is in a state of despair. The tourists hoping to strike it rich at the casinos, the hustlers profiting from them, and the impoverished hunting for scraps

I despise the “obvious” photos that individuals can take in a city like Vegas, the simple photographs, the drunken selfies. I wanted to picture what others tried not to see: a person grieving over a shattered heart, a man wailing for his mother, a couple holding and unsure of their next step. I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to document the neglected and/or silent ones when in a metropolis.

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#1 This man was outside Hard Rock, desperate to find his mother… Rambling. He only came to a halt when I took his picture.

Here’s a little more information about me. I spent ten years as an experimental painter, creating Alchemical canvas work and sculptures, before moving on to music, where I produced 13 CDs, including an opera. I needed music videos eventually, so I started making my own, which led to my first experimental film, “Peacock”. It even took me to greater levels as I won me my first prize for Best Actor from the London Film Awards.



My main photographic interests are the “Gold Buddhas Encased in Mud.” Finding the uncommon beauty in the midst of the muck. I’m a Geometry student, and I find angles with sharp lines relaxing, shooting forth and back. In them, a subject appears to be a flower growing through concrete. I also capture protests and rallies. Being in the midst of raw human emotion, such as wrath and joy, is a strong subject worth artistically examining.

I never go anywhere with my camera unless I have a specific plan. I have to feel my surroundings, observe individuals around me, and look for patterns to see what others miss and if they have aesthetic significance.

#4 The guy with a broken heart











#15 Across the street… But in Another World










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