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Illustrations of Media Manipulation: 10 Pictures Showing How Truth Can Be Altered

Lately, the usual news sources are facing some tough times. A recent study showed that more Americans feel negatively (43%) about the news media compared to those who feel positively (33%). This is because it’s becoming difficult for people to figure out which news is really true.

While the media should ideally be fair and responsible for what they show or tell, in reality, many news channels have their own opinions and goals. Whether it’s controlled by the government or a rich person trying to avoid taxes, having control over the media can be really powerful. It can shape how a lot of people see things in a certain way.

Why do many people not trust the media anymore? Based on the survey mentioned earlier, 8 out of 10 Americans think that the news media are a danger to their right to know the real facts. People want the media to be honest and fair, but often they don’t do that. In the past, there have been times when the media’s true intentions were revealed, and this made people lose trust in them. That’s why many people now rely on social media, even though it also has a lot of misleading news.

We can show you some examples of how the media uses tricks to make you see things the way they want. You’ll see that it’s smarter to get your news from different places so you can see the whole picture, instead of just believing one thing. Social media can help with that, but it also has some problems like not being controlled well, people being mean, and arguments. If regular news wants to stay important today, it should focus on fair discussions and experts’ opinions, instead of trying to control what people think.

#1 Soldiers Having Fun with Children

#2 People in Paris Expressing Their Disagreement About Taxes

#3 Picture of When Kate Middleton and Prince William Showed Their New Baby to Everyone

#4 Photographer Ruben Salvadori Took Photos During a Fight Between Israeli Soldiers and Palestinian Youths. The Photo Above Was Planned with a Young Palestinian’s Help.

#5 An Example of How Media Can Trick Us

#6 Theresa May, the Leader of the Conservative Party, Starts Their Campaign Bus in Northumberland

#7 When Donald Trump Became President

#8 People Marching to Show Support for Immigration

#9 Gathering to Support Hillary in Omaha

#10 Tv News Station

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