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Is football something that you’ve been missing? You’ll be cheered up by these Baby League photos and stories.

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5 stories about how exciting, fun, and action-packed Baby Leagues are!

For any football fan, the two months of off-season can feel interminable. This year’s Euro 2020 action saved us at least a month of life without football, but now that it’s over, we all miss it! Your search bar might only be functioning when you keep wanting to see the preseason training photos

I understand; I understand how you feel. So, just to brighten your day a little bit. I’ve compiled a few photographs I’ve taken in Baby League over the years, along with a small description. I hope you enjoy them!

Context: Since moving back to Ukhrul in 2019, I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of the Ukhrul Basic Soccer Foundation, which has helped organize both the Baby League and the High School Girls Football Leagues. Ukhrul FC, who have been heavily involved in Grassroots football and have also organized their own Baby Leagues, deserve special mention as well. Ukhrul Town has hosted Baby Leagues over the years and the below photo compilation is all thanks to it.

#1 Little Eliakim’s debut

The feeling of making your debut is unmatched by anything else. The entire time I was taking this picture, I was smiling because I knew a little bit about Eliakim. He showed up on the 13th of May 2019, when Minerva Punjab FC came to Ukhrul to hold trials for their academy. After training with Ukhrul FC under Tata Trusts, he was told that he was too young to try out for the team. He broke down in tears and was extremely upset until he was allowed to go out on the pitch.

On June 18, 2019, he made his debut for Ukhrul FC in the Baby League, and I was so happy for him!

#2 They deserve much more than muddy pitches

When it comes to organizing or hosting Baby Leagues, you can’t control the weather. Most of our Baby Leagues were played on two dirt fields and one grassy field. While playing on the dirt fields, you can’t help but feel sorry for the kids, who deserve much better than the muddy fields they play on.

A dirty pitch is usually outweighed by the joy of watching children, but we must do more for these children.

#3 The endless passion

Playing like a house on fire, this youngster was on the field for every ball, he closed down every space, and his energy levels were impressive considering his age.

It took me a while to get a shot that captured all of these aspects of his performance.

#4 It is all about having fun!

Children must be taught to have fun while playing football at the grassroots level, rather than focusing on winning or losing. But when coaches forget that it’s not always about winning, it’s the kids who remind us that it’s important to have a good time.

As far as Baby Leagues goes, these are probably the happiest photographs I’ve taken.

Despite his best efforts, the little boy fails to catch the ball or anyone else.

When he falls flat on his face, he laughs while he is still flat on his face, instead of getting angry.

Most of the players, as well as the crowd, were amused by the little boy’s exuberant tackle attempt. Every time, it’s all about having fun.

#5 Its about being brave too!

When the ball is about to hit their body or face, every child’s first impulse is to duck or block the ball with their hand. This youngster had unknowingly handled the ball inside the box in order to keep it from hitting his stomach. Fortunately for him, it wasn’t within his own defensive box.

This goalkeeper’s ability to command his team from the back was pretty incredible. Some people are simply born to lead!

A bonus!

The best team photo

During a U-12 tournament, our team’s U-10 team posed for their first-ever team photo and it turned out to be the best of all poses!  Our mixed U-10 team welcomed three of our girls, Phiphi, Jami, and Rinying, in addition to Nimshon (the girl from Muddy pitch story), who was the only girl in all of the U-12 teams.

I truly hope you enjoyed this post!

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