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Man wonders if he was wrong to ask a mother who had begun breastfeeding her child to sit at a different table

People can become uneasy about things that others believe to be the most common in the world. It’s possible that they were raised differently, or that certain behaviors are deemed forbidden in their society.

However, as a society, we make some things appear to be forbidden, despite the fact that they are common and natural. As a result, people become uneasy when discussing or watching such events. That’s what occurred to Reddit user Chance Object 7968, who became concerned when a mother began breastfeeding her kid not far away.

He became uneasy and suggested for her to take a different seat, but she refused. People who read the story concluded that the man was to blame and should not have stated what he said.

A man feels like a jerk for asking a breastfeeding mother to sit at another table because he was uncomfortable, so he turns to the internet for advice.

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Image credits: Benjamin Magaña (not the actual photo)

The original poster (OP) identifies himself as a 27-year-old man with a profession that offers him long breaks, during which he enjoys going to a café and sitting. The café in question appears to be frequently busy, yet this does not appear to concern the man, as he continues to visit.

After a while, the baby begins to cry, which the mother interprets as a sign that her kid is hungry. So she does the only thing she can and begins breastfeeding it. That’s when the man becomes uneasy; he doesn’t know where to look and eventually asks if the woman can sit at another table.

The OP enjoys taking his breaks in a café, which is generally quite crowded.

Image credits: Chance_Object_7968

According to the OP, the mother appeared sorry but did not move. So the man chose not to choose the less comfortable seat and instead hurried up to finish his coffee before leaving.

Finally, the man realized that he had been impolite and insensitive. He was aware of the judgmental looks from other café customers, but he had no intention of evicting the woman in the first place.

Once a woman with a baby once walked in and asked the man if she may sit at his table because there weren’t many seats available.

Image credits: Chance_Object_7968

The man said OK, but after a time, he regretted it because the mother began breastfeeding her baby, which made him uncomfortable.

Image credits: Chance_Object_7968
Image credits: Chance_Object_7968

He wanted the mom to seat somewhere else, but she couldn’t, so he quickly drank his coffee and departed, but he sensed that others didn’t agree with his conduct.

Image credits: Chance_Object_7968

Readers unanimously agreed that the OP was being harsh and should not have said anything.


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