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My 8-Year-Old Daughter Asked Me If She Was Beautiful, So I Decided To Do This Photo Project

I was stumped when my 8-year-old daughter came home and asked me if she was “beautiful”. What exactly is the meaning of this word? My spouse and myself are Indians living in the UK and our daughter is British. In the future, it is possible that she will begin to question why her skin is darker than that of her other British pals.

One day, I don’t want her to ask me the same questions that formed my notion of beauty as a youngster. I want her to come to me with a different set of questions. This is why I want her to be able to develop past them and be able to define her own version of beauty. Remember that we are all distinct and different from one another, and that this is what makes us beautiful. 

As a result of that, this photo project came to fruition. “Changing the conversation” is what I’ve called it. Talking about scars in a new way and appreciating what we’ve got is the idea behind this. To what extent can we see? scars are “beautiful” too, isn’t it?  

My goal was to share stories from the lives of some of the most amazing people I’ve encountered so far on my artistic path. In my own personal manner, I hope to “change the conversation” through this work. My artistic language has evolved as a result of seeing the world through my daughter’s eyes. In the past, I stayed out of the conversation and focused on the beautiful innocence of childhood, but today I hope to find an alternative via my artwork to the way we conventionalize this world. With your love and support, I hope to succeed!

#1 Catrin is an inspire to others!

On her way home after skiing in the French Alps, the coach’ braking system failed, resulting in a fatal collision. « In those few seconds before the crash, I remember thinking about my family. The driver’s actions were heroic. In the end, he stayed with the coach. Instead, he issued a warning to all passengers about the impending accident. All of our lives were saved because of him, Catrin said. She only had 1% probability to live, after suffering third-degree burns across 96% of her body. However, Catherine was fortunate enough to beat her fate after three months in the coma, 200 surgical procedures, and four years of rehab.

#2 James and Ashley

“We wondered what it would be like to have more than one child if we had to hug them both tight at the same time”, said James laughing. Not a trace of regret could be seen and there was not a second wasted in wondering why them? James lost an arm and a leg in an accident nine years ago. Ashley was born with a congenial amputee. As a result of this, she was born without the lower part of a right arm.

In my mind, I was expecting agony… a moment of rage… a moment of silence… after visiting them for this photo session, but instead, what I encountered was a mix of strength and tenacity.

#3 Joanne

Joanné’s Instagram page initially drew my attention. A woman who wears her heart on her sleeve. She has a carefree attitude, like if she possesses invisible wings. When I invited her to come over for a shoot with her lovely son Marcus, she requested if she may play some music. “For good vibes,” she explained. I inquired about her journey. Bullying became an important aspect of Joanné’s youth as she grew up with Albinism and attended a regular school. But when she spoke of it, it was as if she had expelled that resentment from her soul, resentment for a lost youth, resentment for innocence robbed.

#4 Cheryl

“101 Dalmatians” , “Cooky Doe”, Spotty face”  were the names that my classmates had discreetly kept me. I used to despise myself as a child. Everyone around me made me angry. Nobody resembled me… I didn’t resemble them. I felt I was hideous… awful. Those emotions led me to a very dark place. My connections suffered… with the individuals I cared about the most… Until three years ago. My children were a game changer for me. That day is still fresh in my mind. We were going on a family vacation, and I was selecting clothing that would allow me to cover myself. I didn’t want to be noticed…… and I simply questioned myself, ‘What kind of an example am I to my children if I can’t accept who I am?’ I don’t want them to be concerned about fitting in. I want them to be happy with who they are. So I decided to be ME that day! My name is Cheryl, and I’d want to introduce myself. I was born with a melanocytic nevus (CMN). This is what my scars look like. This is my profile. I adore myself. I accept myself. For me, I wear me with respect, confidence, and joy!

#5 Amber

“My belly had grown so large that physicians assumed I was expecting twins. My stomach muscles had completely separated, to the point where the doctors couldn’t tell them apart during the C-section. They claimed it was the greatest stomach muscle damage they had ever seen…. Then our Emilia arrived, weighing 12lbs 14oz. I became a mommy to this little wonder. “My little one…” “Hello, my name is Amber.  I’m covered in scars. My scars will be like a treasure on my body and spirit. “I am proud of my scars.”

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