June, 2023

  • 13 June

    Baboon Who Made A Surprise Visit To A Woman Went Viral!

    What would you feel if you discovered a wild animal in your room when you woke up? That’s what happened to Chichi Makhunga and her friend. They were vacationing at a resort in South Africa, and they had an unexpected encounter with a baboon who had broken into their room …

  • 12 June

    Here Is How The Cute Owlets Sleeping Face Down.

    Owls belong to the order Strigiformes and are divided into two families: Tytonidae (Barn and Bay owls) and Strigidae (True Owls). There are approximately 250 species of owls worldwide. Barn owls have heart-shaped faces, average size bodies, long legs, and strong talons. True owls, which make up the majority of …

  • 10 June

    Veterinarians Fitted Prosthetics To A Dog & Helped Him To Walk Again!

    Dogs are amazing creatures that can overcome many challenges and hardships with resilience and determination. One of the most admirable qualities of dogs is their ability to adapt and thrive in different situations. Dogs have evolved from wild animals to domesticated companions but have kept their instinct for survival and …

  • 10 June

    Protective Rottweiler Pup Saved A Young Boy’s Life!

    Dogs are famous for their loyalty, affection, and intelligence. They do not think twice about putting their lives in danger to save their owner’s life in dangerous situations. But sometimes, they can be lifesavers when it is not an outside threat. This story is about a dog who saved his …

  • 10 June

    Farewell Of The Majestic Queen! 

    The Elephant Queen of Kenya, also known as F_MU 1, ended her life journey due to natural causes. Surprisingly, she survived amidst the poaching threats, one of the greatest dangers to Elephants in Kenya.  IMAGE : WILL BURRARD-LUCAS She is graceful, and she is a beauty! The age does not …

  • 9 June

    Eager eagles! We are waiting to reunite with our family.

    This is a different story. We, humans, know the feeling of breaking up or distancing from loved ones. There is no difference in this feeling, even if it’s an animal tribe. The story we share today is an entirely different uncommon incident that proves animals have the same feelings as …

  • 8 June

    Endo, The Blind Horse, Set Three Guinness World Records!

    Appaloosa horses are renowned for their gentle nature, friendliness, loyalty, and stunning appearance. However, one gelding from Corvallis, Oregon, in the United States is impacting the world beyond his amiable disposition and striking brown spots. This is the tale of “Endo the blind horse.” who has overcome his disability to …

March, 2023

  • 8 March

    A Dog Helped Save A Little Boy’s Life From Cancer

    Humans have a very special bond with their pets. Whether it is a loyal dog guarding its owner’s home or a snuggly cat curled up on its owner’s lap, pets uniquely bring joy and comfort to their human companions. This bond becomes even more vital when pets help their owners …

February, 2023