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People who were proud of something just had to tell the world what they were so proud of, by sharing those

Seeing your progress is always rewarding. Somebody else will see it in that way, even if you aren’t able to. And they’ll be so happy to know you.

We’ve collected all of the most touching instances when people discovered how pleased they were of themselves or others. And we have compiled them all. No matter how big or small the success is, it’s not only about the ultimate result but also the whole journey which paved way for it. People working hard and risking their lives for what they believe in is the most important thing.

You’ll also see below a conversation with a psychotherapist and a motivational speaker on how we might learn to embrace our pride in the greatest way.

Psychotherapist Megan Logan, creator of the #1 best-selling Self-Love Workbook for Women, chatted with us. When women cultivate self-compassion, they become more aware of themselves and can make beneficial adjustments as per her book which empowers women.  Intended mostly for ladies, the book contains valuable advice for everyone who wants to learn how to better respect oneself.

It was for this reason that we asked her if she would reward us with her expert knowledge and thoughts on why we feel pride in ourselves. She said that pride originates from our ego-based image of ourselves and our achievements and accomplishments, as well as the internal and external attributes that we believe make us deserving. Knowing what we’re good at and feeling proud of it allows us to enjoy our relationships and the world around us.

In addition, we chatted with Charles Awodu, author of the Wisdom Series On Humility, Pride, and Strength, and president of Word of Light International. Inspiring, motivating, and effectively changing people’s lives via their message and application of faith, the organization has been at the vanguard of the movement.

For Charles, “pride is a tool for motivating and committing to accomplishment, but it can also be a perilous trap for failure if it is misused. It is a double-edged sword, or feeling, that can make or break the prospect of making a difference in life.”

As he said, “We have both good and bad pride.” Your sense of self-worth motivates you to live a life of greatness, and it serves as a reminder that you have untapped potential that must be unlocked. Poor self-esteem restricts the impact you can have on others and trains your mind to repress or dismiss your own and others’ excellent deeds.”

#1 My Cerebral Palsy Has Always Made Running And Jogging Difficult. A 3km run despite my disability made me incredibly proud of myself today.


#2 This morning, my sweet girl looks cancer-free.


#3 After 19 years, I am finally up to date on all of my vaccinations, even though my mother is an anti-vaxxer.


#4 Proud son moments


#5 Despite 75 rejections and 164 days on anxiety medication, I published my first fantasy novel after 4 years


#6 Proud moments as a dad

Daniel Medina

#7 Publishing a children’s book by my brother to make a story more relatable to his daughter, who was born with a limb difference as it would make his daughter see someone like her as the hero.


#8 I depression a few years back. Finally, I’m Taking Action Against It. My room is back, even if it’s not perfect.


#9 So Proud Of My Husband For Entering His First Art Competition And Winning Second Place In People’s Choice.


#10 Mother’s look says it all

Mark Bonnie Salado Wata

#11 “My First Painting Since Giving Up Alcohol 93 Days Ago” Was there any hope of my ever painting again?


#12 To show off the paint job I did today, please click on the image below. When I tried to show it to a few people, they just overlooked it


#13 The fact that I recently became a US citizen makes me proud. It was just a simple celebration with my faithful little friend who I found on my patio six months ago. Me Being A Cat Lover Is thanks To Her!


#14 My brother was the first member of my family to earn a master’s degree. My father couldn’t stop sobbing.


#15 Two pieces I’m quite proud of after four years of painting and one year of perfecting this style


#16 Removed from Osborne Reef in Florida are 16,225,718 tires. My Company Makes Me Proud!


#17 Instead of sharing it with my friends and family, I’ll post it here. It is with great pride that I announce the graduation of my little Ollie from training class.


#18 There is a language delay with my son and for The First Time In Nearly 3.5 Years, he Called Me Mommy


#19 To assist fathers in learning how to do their daughters’ hair, I created a Dads And Daughters Hair Class. I’m so proud of these fathers for stepping up and strengthening their bonds with their daughters.


#20 I’ve recently discovered a wonderful community of amputees – this is mine! Cancer took my life two years ago, and I’m still fighting multiple relapses. I’m Extremely Proud of How Far I’ve Come


#21 Bonus

Seeing A Wonderful Community Of Amputees As Of Late – This Is Mine! Lost To Cancer 2 Years Ago And Still Fighting Multiple Relapses. Very Proud Of How Far I’ve Come

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