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Scientific Evidence: The Soul Continues to Exist and Returns to the Universe

The soul is like the reason we exist…

Even though it might seem strange, the soul is actually real and it’s why we exist. Two famous doctors found out that even after we die, our soul doesn’t disappear. Instead, it leaves our body and goes back to the universe.

Stuart Hameroff and Sir Roger Penrose have been studying this idea of the soul inside our bodies since 1966.

Stuart Hameroff works at a university in the United States and studies how our minds and bodies work. Sir Roger Penrose is a physicist from England and also works at a university. These two experts have been looking into how our thoughts and feelings work for a long time. They believe that our souls are connected to tiny structures called microtubules in our brains.

When a person is born, their brain is like a super advanced computer with over 100 trillion tiny parts called cells. These cells work together to create connections, like a big network. This helps us learn and remember things. These connections also come from something called quantum gravity, which is like a special force, and it happens in the tiny microtubules of our brain cells.

Both of these scientists, Stuart Hameroff and Sir Roger Penrose, have said that microtubules are like tiny parts in brain cells. These tiny parts help carry special information that makes us conscious and aware.

Imagine these tiny parts like little pathways for information. When one of them stops working, the special information it had is lost. But even though that information is gone, the soul – which is like the special part that makes us who we are – doesn’t die. It goes back to the universe, like a star that shines even after it’s no longer in the sky.

In a show hosted by Morgan Freeman called “Through the Wormhole,” Dr. Hameroff explained that when the heart stops beating and the blood stops flowing, the tiny parts in our brain cells, the microtubules, lose their activity. Even though the information in them can’t be destroyed, it’s like the information spreads out and goes back to the universe, kind of like how the light from a star spreads out and reaches everywhere.

Imagine if a person is brought back to life after they have died. According to Dr. Hameroff, the special information that was in the tiny parts of their brain cells, the microtubules, can come back too. But if someone doesn’t come back to life, then that information, like memories and experiences, still exists outside the body, like in a soul.

What do you think about this idea? Do you believe that everyone has a soul?

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