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Someone Abandoned A Dog At A Shelter With a Terrifying Note

We all love animals we pet at our homes. We would do anything for them to show them that our capacity for them is limitless. It is not a show-off. We are so attached to them that there is a special bond between the pet and us. When they get sick, we care for them as much as possible. If your pet is a dog, you know how much they care about you in return. This story is about a caring owner leaving the owner’s pet at a shelter because there was nothing else the owner could do. 

But there is something to think about what this owner did.

Greenville Humane Society was left with a gift.


One day a mystery person left a dog at the Greenville Humane Society animal shelter in South Carolina. It was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix. And its good name was Remy. Unfortunately, a mystery person had tied Remy to a pole outside the shelter. The only thing the shelter could find was a note left by Remy’s owner.

Owner’s uncertain letter

People leaving animals was not a surprise to the shelter. According to the shelter, this is a recurring situation in the US. There are now more shelters with more abandoned animals. Similarly, Remy was there in front of the shelter. Abandoned and alone.

The vet check-up indicated Remy has a grade six heart murmur, the most serious kind of murmur that may even be felt through the chest wall. Rescuers working at the shelter rushed to bring Remy inside for food and a check-up, but she suffered from it.

The message found with Remy mentioned her illness, saying the owner could not take care of her the way she needed to be. The note also said, ‘She has illnesses I don’t believe are fixable.’ The most questionable thing in the note was that the owner said she needed to be put down as soon as possible. 

Why would Remy’s owner say that? 

It is difficult to comprehend why a dog owner would recommend an adoption facility to put their pet to death while also giving up ownership of the animal.


Getting help to save Remy

According to the shelter, the dog would need “at least an echocardiography,” and “Remy may need surgery or a lifetime of medicine,” depending on the test results. Even though the Greenville Humane Society often can rely on its Hope Fund to cover the costs of care in situations like Remy’s, the shelter reported that it was ‘in the negative’ after taking in more sick and injured animals recently than they have the cash for.


So the shelter posted a social media post asking for help with Remy’s condition. The shelter said that they knew shelters everywhere were in the same predicament. But right now, Remy needs people’s support. The other 95 sick or injured animals in their healing place need people’s help. Any contribution, no matter how small, is highly appreciated. They will not give up on them, hoping people will not either.

The shelter received a lot of support from people!

They received a lot of help to help Remy and other animals in the shelter. Facebook users who cared rapidly swamped the page with comments, many of whom had made donation announcements. After just two days, the shelter published an update to express gratitude to the public for its support. The shelter said that people’s support makes it possible for them to continue to care not only for Remy and her unique medical conditions but also for the other 95 current dogs, cats, kittens, and puppies receiving extra care in their healing place.


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